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by (@kat_george)

Beyonce Reveals A Preview Of Her Live At Roseland DVD And We Wet Our Pants

What is BeyoncĂ©? Some might mistake her for a performer, a pop star, but we know better. We know that she’s a phenomenon, a brilliant whirlwind, an aurora borealis in the sky at night — she’s the thing that makes your heart race and stop, inspiring you with some cosmic, almost primordial, infinite awesomeness. Try not to freeze with anticipation, feel your heart skip one beat, two, when, on slow motion film, she pops her hip violently to the side as the beat drops, her arms spread wide to the heavens and her hair billowing as she conjures a storm around her. Just try not to wonder if you felt that pop inexplicably kick inside your bowels, or if she bruised the fabric of time with the force of her movement.

As you can tell from all the gushing we’re doing, we’ve been swooning over the preview of Bey’s Live At Roseland: Elements of 4 DVD (due for release November 29, but, you know, we’ve already put our pre-orders in. 5 copies each, thanks!) and have maybe even done a little wee of excitement in the process (jokes! We did a HUGE wee of excitement). OK, so we’re crazy about BeyoncĂ©. We’re crazy about the release of her DVD. And we’ve wet our pants, too. If you’ve got a problem with that, we suggest you watch the preview above and then get back to us. Because you will be moved. WE GUARANTEE IT (weeing optional).

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