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Fiona Apple Is Preparing To Release A New Album, Rejoice!

Fiona Apple is back! If you were a girl growing up in the 90s then you probably adopted “Criminal” as something of an anthem, as Apple fit in that gloriously angsty alterna-girl niche that characterized femininity in music during that era. If you were a boy you probably loved her too, but that probably had less to do with the tumultuous feeling of feminine frustration and more to do with different sort of southern oriented tumult. Anyway, the point is, Apple’s label, Epic via CEO LA Reid, has announced that she’ll be dropping a new album sometime soon/this year in a Tweet:

It’s her first album since 2005, and there’s no actual release date set yet, so for now we suggest you get into the back catalog for preparation. Here’s the song that got us hooked on Fiona Apple in 1997, “Criminal”:

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