David Russo


Pitbull And Shakira “Get It Started” So You Can Finish It…On The Dance Floor

Pitbull and Shakira on any track together is a combustible explosion of flavor. Pitbull’s “Get It Started” featuring Shakira oozes sultry, making it impossible to take your eyes off of either of them. Pitbull, like the OG that he is, has hired a private detective to spy on the woman he loves who is living a double life as another man’s woman. But this is a dance song, not a sappy tale. Pitbull dances in his luxurious living room while his lady parties it up at the club. When she tries to escape on her own she is captured and taken back to the unlucky guy until Pitbull rescues her to which she thanks him by a passionate night of romance. In a sequins gold dress Shakira sings her heart out on top of the world. And to celebrate the couple reuniting Pitbull treats her to his very own concert with thousands of screaming fans and fireworks. The explosion of fireworks were only an inkling as explosive as Pitbull and Shakira’s collaboration and hotness in this David Russo directed video. Read more…