Directorial Debut

by (@kat_george)

Scarlett Johansson Directs Jessie Baylin’s New Video For “Hurry Hurry”

Actor and musician Scarlett Johansson got behind the camera for Jessie Baylin‘s video for the first single, “Hurry Hurry,” of her album Little Spark. Old school buddies, Johansson and Baylin attended New York’s Professional Children’s School together, and Johansson told MTV Hive that, “One of the greatest gifts of growing up with Jessie has been watching her develop as a musician.” This affection is not lost on the video, which is a simple, tender portrayal of Baylin singing on the rain soaked Manhattan Bridge in New York City. The video itself is romantic and lends an extra air of whimsy to Baylin’s already ethereal sound. As Baylin strolls back and forth on one section of the bridge, she is sporadically illuminated as light glows from her back and hair, as if by magic. The song itself is sweet and sentimental, matching the visual to perfection, and her lofty vocal is both melodic and captivating.

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