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God Bless Ozzy Osbourne Documentary Examines Life Of Metal’s Prince Of Darkness And Premieres Tonight On Palladia

Whether as a solo artist or as the lead singer of heavy metal Godfathers Black Sabbath, self-described “Prince Of F***ing Darkness” Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most infamous figures in all rock n’ roll. However the new documentary God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, which premieres tonight at 8/7C on Palladia and re-airs tomorrow on VH1 Classic, reveals there’s much more to the man than his legendary battles with addiction and tales of biting the heads off any number of winged animals. Read more…


Ice-T’s Favorite Part In Art Of Rap Documentary Is Rev Run’s Story Of Sitting In The Bathtub While Syrup Dripped In

Ice-T wants rap to be respected as an art form. As director of the documentary Something From Nothing: Art of Rap, Ice-T interviewed 52 rappers and had 35 more in queue. It seems that rap’s global influence is undeniable, but that doesn’t mean the genre is respected in the way jazz or Rock is. As Ice-T put it, people think rapping is easy and anyone can do it. Through the Art of Rap Ice-T uses a legion of rappers to showcase the intricacies, complexities and technique of the music that formed in the late 70s. Read more…


Snoop Dogg, Ziggy Marley Weigh In On VH1 Rock Doc Marley‘s 4/20 Theatrical Release Date

For all you proud weed heads, today is puff puff pass day, also known as 04/20 (see our playlist of the top 25 songs about weed). Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, the latest addition to VH1’s award-winning Rock Docs series, Marley, is opening in select theaters today. The documentary tells the story of the revolutionary and legendary musician Bob Marley, who was definitely known to smoke a joint or two in his day.

Directed by Bob Marley’s son Ziggy and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, the project is special because it has the unprecedented support of the Marley family. The film contains rare footage, photos, interviews and performances by the people who knew him best.

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5 Imagined Scenes From The Forthcoming Ke$ha Documentary

While Ke$ha doesn’t like unauthorized documentaries being made of her life, she’s now hinting, via Twitter, that there might be an official one in the works:

While we’re sure Ke$ha’s wild life will have plenty of juicy action to make for a thrilling documentary, we’ve got a few little fantasies of our own. Based on what we know of Ke$ha’s life, career, likes and dislikes and high powered friends, we’ve fictionalized 5 scenes we’d like to see in the final cut:

1. A 24 themed title sequence set to “Tik Tok”
“Hi, I’m Ke$ha, and this is the longest day of my life.” Cue frenetic, fit-inducing paced montage of images of Ke$ha, on stage, tongue out, crowd surfing, doing make up, in the studio, hugging Britney etc. Set it to the sound of “Tik Tok,” and finish with the word “Ke$ha” spelled out in the font style of a digital clock, and let the letters tick over into the time. Cut to a scene of Ke$ha waking up — obviously our imagined documentary revolves around a day in the life of Ke$ha.

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LCD Soundsystem Release Trailer For Their Documentary, Shut Up And Play The Hits

The trailer for LCD Soundsystem‘s documentary, Shut Up And Play The Hits, opens with front man James Murphy waking up in his Manhattan apartment, presumably after the band’s last ever show at Madison Square Garden, which was held April 2011. Seminal in shaping electronic and “indie” music, and for pioneering the anti-hipster (all the while being painfully hip), LCD Soundsystem are one of the most important dance acts to emerge in the past 10 years. As we watch Murphy go about his morning’s mundanities — getting dressed, swigging a from a bottle of water, walking the dog — the voice of music journalist and author Chuck Klosterman poses a profound question that shapes the rest of the trailer (and the whole documentary), “This is the end of LCD Soundsystem; and it’s ending in a strangely controlled manner. It’s like there was a record, there was an announcement, there’s a last show, everyone’s aware that it’s ending… When you start a band, do you imagine how it will end?”

The documentary covers the final show, from the the lead up to it, the actual show, and aftermath of the epic performance. Shut Up And Play The Hits will premier at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, and if the trailer, set to the hit track “All My Friends,” is anything to go by, there wont be a dry seat in the house. Directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, and featuring footage by legendary director Spike Jonze, we predict there wont be a dry seat in the house by the end of the doco.

Indeed, even the trailer gave us a tingling sensation in the corners of our eyes — from the romantic footage of Murphy driving through New York, to the appearance of friends and special guests like Arcade Fire and The Roots, to the emotional hugs at the end of the show and an especially poignant shot of James Murphy looking to the ceiling of Madison Square Garden as hundreds of white balloons begin to fall from the roof, signifying the end of the LCD Soudsystem era, there’s plenty of intense, raw emotion to be felt here. The visual montage is peppered with the words, “If it’s a funeral… let’s have the best funeral ever,” and you’ll be sure to get a chill down your spine whether or not you were at Madison Square Garden for the last goodbye (we were, and it was just as emotional), especially as you watch fans in shocked disbelief, despite their knowing it’s the final show, fare-welling the iconic band.

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