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Green Day Catch A Break In New “Stray Heart” Video, You Can Now Stream ¡Dos!

Green Day have not let Billy Joe Armstrong’s recovery be more than a tiny kink their ambitious year-end plans. Save for a few postponed tour dates, they have gone ahead with the release of ¡Uno! in September and ¡Dos! just yesterday, as well as a barrage of music videos. The boys have clocked lots and lots of studio hours for these mostly performance-centric clips, but this new one for ¡Dos!’s “Stray Heart” finally lets them catch a break by leaving them out altogether. Instead of Billy Joe or Mike Dirnt, we get a Green Day (and vinyl) fan whose heart has literally strayed, leaving behind a gaping hole and a distressed girlfriend. It’s pretty cute — the animated organ-gone-rogue, particularly so! — and befitting of the sort of whimsy-punk song, which is probably the album’s most playful. Read more…

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Green Day Have A Hip Hop Song On The Way, And We Can’t Wait

You have to give it to Green Day, if not much else they do these days could be called punk, their unwillingness to stick to the script is at least kindred in spirit to the lifestyle that gave them rise. From the outset, they have been clear that their upcoming trilogy of albums will be a departure from their protest rock past, and “Oh Love” already falls more closely in line with the Rolling Stones than The Ramones. This, though, we couldn’t have expected: apparently the “garage-y, Nuggets-type rock” ¡Dos! includes some sort of hip hop track? But not one where Billie Joe Armstrong raps. No, “I’m just the hype man,” he says. Rather, he’s leaving that up to a pro.

Speaking with MTV News, Armstrong explained that they wanted to collaborate with this band called Mystic Knights of the Cobra who are from the Northern California town where Green Day got their start, and that Mystic Knights of the Cobra, it turns out,  just happens to be fronted by a punk girl named Lady Cobra who raps. “She’s a good rapper, so we ended up collaborating with her. She’s this punk girl, she’s in this wild band that does anything from punk rock to hip-hop, so we collaborated with her and it ended up being great,” Armstrong said, adding that “this is the first collaboration  in a long time.” So, they got a punk girl to rap on their self described “garage-y” new album? That’s the spirit!

Check out Lady Cobra’s rap and (roller skate!) skills in the colorful video for Mystic Knights of the Cobra’s “Text Messaging Slut.” Would you hit her up (for a verse)? Read more…

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Last Lap: Green Day Wrote A Song About Amy Winehouse

The track will close their upcoming album ¡Dos! And appropriately so, according to Billie Joe Armstrong, who feels connected to the fallen star though they never met. “It’s interesting because if you think about ¡Dos!, it’s a party record, and so at the end of it ‘Amy’ kind of comes across as the consequences of the party,” he says. Intriguing! [NME] Read more…