by (@zaragolden)

Outasight Introduces DoSomething’s Battle Of The Band Winner At Lollapalooza

A good time was had and a good dead done. Through the mud and rain at Lollapalooza 2012 shone one particularly nice moment. and VH1’s Save The Music Foundation put together a Battle Of The Bands contest that pitted bands from all over the nation against each other for the chance to win the $5,000 grand prize and a set at this years Lollapalooza. This year’s winners were Point To infinity from Houston, TX, and they got to rock out on the very same stage as fun. and Frank Ocean. Afterwards, Point To Inifnity’s Richie Choung said that the show was “literally my best and favorite experience in my life EVER!” Literally the best “EVER!” How’s that for a reason to save the music?

New York rapper Outasight introduced the band, and we are glad it was him because, when we caught up with him afterwards to talk about the charities he supports, he told us — neither coached nor bribed! — that he would love to help provide music programs for kids like Save The Music does. “Back in the day kids used to have to play an instrument, mandatory,” he said, sad that “Those days are long gone.” He also shared that he supports a charity called Autism Speaks, which provides help for families who have autistic children. Find out more about them at their site,

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