Dressing Up

by (@kat_george)

Katy Perry’s New Single “Dressing Up” Is A Sexy Fetish Fantasy

By now, you can pretty much take for granted that a new Katy Perry song spells a pop-tastic, super fun hit. But Katy’s revealing a whole new side with her fresh singles for the soon to be released Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. We’ve already heard “Part Of Me”‘s angry, empowering beat, complete with a blue haired Katy and the Grammys giving a powerful and emotional performance, and now it looks like we’re about to see a whole new sexy side. Not that we haven’t seen Katy Perry being sexy before, but this is something dirtier and darker than the sugary-sweet, coquettish sexuality of songs like “I Kissed A Girl” and “California Gurls.” In a snippet of her next single, “Dressing Up,” (which you can listen to here), Katy sings about some might dirty sex things, with lines like, “Are you ready for your blood to rise?/Tonight’s the night/I’m dressing up for you.” We’re imagining Katy in a series of sexy role play scenarios, and our blood has well and truly risen in anticipation of the new track!

New Music: Katy Perry Gets Naughty In “Dressing Up” (Snippet) [Neon Limelight]

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