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Was Kelly Rowland Drunk On The UK’s X Factor?

Last night, former child of destiny Kelly Rowland caused quite a stir with her “erratic” antics on the UK’s X Factor. Accused by fans of Twitter of being inebriated, Kelly’s behavior included some over the top laughter, telling some contestants she liked their sweaters in a sort of weird voice, declaring “Merry fricking Christmas,” mishearing host Dermot O’Leary‘s question to her and being just a little bit too excitable. Some of the accusatory Tweets included the following:

Kelly Rowland hit back via Twitter, declaring, “Nice try, but I wasn’t under the influence, in ANY way……….just overwelmed by the crowds cheers!” [sic] We’re thinking Kelly probably wasn’t drunk and it’s all just a bit of an overreaction to her nerves. And even if she did have a bit of a tipple… Does it matter? She’s glowing, lucid and lovely, which is more than we can say for ourselves after we’ve downed a few! What do you think? Watch the video above featuring snippets of Kelly on the X Factor and have your day in the comments!

‘I think she overindulged in the Green Room!’ Kelly Rowland sparks concern among X Factor viewers on Twitter with erratic behaviour [Daily Mail]

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