by (@zaragolden)

Comedy Central’s Key & Peele Get Beaten-Up By “The Dubstep”

You might think you know what dubstep is, but have you every really “felt it”? Let Comedy Central’s Key & Peele show you what it’s like.

In need of a soundtrack for their apartment packing, Key and Peele put on “the dubstep.” Key’s never heard of dubstep, and Peele tells him to, “Just wait for the drop,” because — oh boy! Is he in for a treat. What begins with involuntary body-waving quickly becomes bloody noses, which eventually give way to pulled teeth and apartment destruction. There’s a motion to turn it off and a Hootie and the Blowfish joke, but Key persists and is so moved by it that he ends up taking a swan dive out the window. Our first dubstep experience was a tad more tame, but their point about the way that first bass drop hits — like, really hits — is well taken. Bravo!

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