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Jay-Z Gets A Call From “B” In His New Duracell Commerical

If we promise to buy all of the Duracell Powermats, could we get a call from Beyonce, too? A new ad for the wireless phone charging station features not only Jay-Z‘s “Run This Town,” but also a rare cameo from the man and Duracell spokesman himself. The short spot stars a busy New Yorker who uses a Powermat to keep his phone at 100 percent charge all day so that, at the club at end of the night, his phone still in the green, he can pick up a ringing phone that he’s mistaken as his own. “B” is calling, and he’s not sure who that is until a hand — Jay’s hand — reaches in from above. “Yeah,” he nods as the guy hands it over. When Jay signed-up for the gig in January, he suggested that he believes Duracell and their Powermats are “providing the solutions for the future.” Which, sure! Why not. What we here at Tuner believe in, though, is a world where Jay’s got Beyonce saved as just “B” in his phone, and a future where we might all have the same! Where do we get one of these Powermats?

Beyonce Gives Jay-Z A Call In Duracell Powermat Commercial [RapFix]

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