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Tuned In: Allen Stone Drops By Ellen For A Mid-Morning Howling Of “Sleep”

This month we will shine the You Oughta Know spotlight on Allen Stone, an emergent soul singer-songwriter from Washington state who has forgone sleep in an effort to earn your attention. Or at least so he sings in “Sleep,” and given his recent grind — complete with stops at Leno and VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live, as well as that new music video he cut — we’re inclined to believe him.

This morning Stone dropped by The Ellen Show for a mid-morning howling of his aforementioned hustlers anthem. In her introduction, Ellen accurately likened him to Stevie Wonder and to Amy Winehouse, and we might add that he showed up in a Whitney Houston tee that looked rather well loved, which may explain some of his gospel tendencies. There weren’t any stars up in the early hour, but that didn’t seem to stop him from aiming high with his performance. And as always, he nailed it.

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Tuned In: Ellie Goulding Performed “Anything Could Happen” On Ellen And Conan Yesterday

Ellie Goulding had a particularly busy day yesterday, performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the morning and then again on Conan late last night, and she seemed to enjoy every bit of it. Goulding’s excellent Haylcon has officially entered the Top 10 on the Billboard charts and her back-to-back performances felt like a celebration of it. Haylcon is dance-y and dazzling, like the scene Goulding and her boyfriend, Skrillex, run in; and it’s also a meant to be a breakup album, and so it’s often dark and dramatic (think: Florence + The Machine‘s Ceremonials). “Anything Could Happen” is an exception to this — “But you know, then I wrote ‘Anything Could Happen’ because suddenly my life changed again, and I met someone new,” she says — and it’s fun to see how she gets swept up and away again each time she performs it. Read more…

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Britney Spears Dances “Gangnam Style” With PSY On Ellen

The internet  is doing it, Big Morning Buzz is doing it, and now Britney Spears is doing it, too. Brit always did have moves.

Last week, Britney tweeted her love for PSY‘s giddy-up “Gangnam Style” dance, suggesting that, “I should possibly learn the choreography. Anybody wanna teach me?! haha.” Ellen DeGeneres saw real brilliance in the thought, and took the opportunity of Britney’s visit to Ellen yesterday to turn that dream to reality.

“Oh!” Britney twanged, when Ellen surprised her with a lesson from the man most up to the task, PSY himself. Now signed to Scooter Braun’s Schoolboy records, he made sure to introduce himself properly before moving onto the lesson. Hands soft, he instructed, and bounce like you’re riding a horse. Britney seemed a little confused that they asked her to go off program, but when the music hit, she nailed the dance like the pro she is — high heels and tight dress and all. As PSY insists, “dress classy and dance cheesy.”

Who will be next to go Gangnam? Mr. Romney, we say it’s your move. Everybody is doing it!

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