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Happy Birthday James Hetfield Of Metallica! See His Facial Hair Evolution!

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Today we celebrate the 51st birthday of one of the greatest heavy metal musicians of all time, James Hetfield of Metallica. From the legendary right hand that has fired up some of the most memorable metal riffs of all time, to his manly yet emotional vocals to his songwriting which has struck a nerve in metal fans for over 30 years, he contribution to the genre is as weighty as his guitar sound. And though metal heads would be embarrassed to discuss such things, he is also a bit of a fashion icon. Read more…

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Last Lap: Miley Cyrus Says Naughty Words To An Annoying Fan In Costa Rica

Miley Cyrus Says Naughty Words To An Annoying Fan In Costa Rica
She was just standing up for her man, y’all! When a peturbed fan called Miley Cyrus‘ boyfriend an “a-hole” in Costa Rica, the bong-toting, out of control teen idol (seriously, there should be a font for sarcasm) said the F-word. GASP! [Perez Hilton]

Coming To A Theater Near You: The Girl With The Drake Tattoo
Frankly, we’re surprised it took the Internet so long to get around to parodying this. [MissInfo]

Popdust Counts Down The 100 Best Songs Of 2011
Our friends over at Popdust just released their best song of 2011. And the winner is … “Super Bass”! [Popdust]
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