Father’s Day


My Dad Is Cooler Than Yours: 10 Unlikely But Awesome Heavy Metal Fathers

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Father’s Day. A time to celebrate the man who drove you to little league, taught you about life, cheered you up when you were feeling down. But what if your dad was on the road 80% of your young life, snorting lines of ants and partying with groupies and throwing TVs out of hotel windows? Well that doesn’t make him a bad person, or a bad father – does it? Sure, “normal” dads may have had more quantity time with their kids, but a lot of heavy metal dads had just as strong a bond with their young ‘uns (albeit in a different way) and made sure to give them everything they need to grow into decent, responsible adults. We think. And though the offspring of heavy metal legends might not be thanking their dads with a Hallmark card and a polo shirt for his big day, there’s no reason they shouldn’t celebrate them and show them how much they mean. From Ozzy to Lemmy to Tom Araya and Eddie Van Halen, these guys have all found the rock star/doting father balance. Here’s 10 Unlikely, but no less great, Metal Dads – just in time for Father’s Day.

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Daddy Tally: A Big “Happy Father’s Day!” To Those Musicians Most Deserving

It’s that time of year again! When we?honor thy father by running out to?the nearest department store?to get?the big guy?a tie that?he’ll accept with a smile and probably never, ever?wear. I kid, I kid! In all seriousness, this Sunday marks yet another Fathers’ Day, and it goes without saying that the job is a tough one that deserves recognition. Dirty diapers, puberty meltdowns, giving proper advice… the list of fatherly?duties is literally never-ending. And that, my friends, is exactly why we have to hand it to the gentlemen?who’ve made it on?our Top 20 Daddy Tally list.

Not only are these distinguished men highly successful in the ultra-competitive music industry, but they’ve managed to achieve their success while also fathering?HUGE tribes of children. That’s right, each papa bear on our Top 20 list has upwards of five children, and whether it’s serial philanderer Bob Marley, sperm donor extraordinaire David Crosby (hey Melissa Etheridge!) or rumored father of 75 bouncing babies (!!!), Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, they all have more than “earned” their spot.