Frankie Lons


Frankie Lons Prepares “Frankie Leg” Single

The last time Frankie Lons crossed our radar was five months ago, when the Celebrity Rehab 4 cast member was booked by Atlanta police for a probation violation and “drug-related material.” Once her daughter, Keyshia Cole, posted bail, Lons fell off the radar for a bit, and we were a little concerned.

Apparently we needn’t have worried, because Lons attended her biological daughter’s vow-renewal “dream wedding”?and she’s preparing novelty hip-hop dance single “Do The Frankie Leg.” Two weeks ago, footage of Lons previewing the track for Shawty Lo of D4L appeared on WorldStar, and Monday a teaser for the song’s video was posted to YouTube by the song’s producer, T-Storm. In the clip, Lons leads a bunch of kids through her dance, which, in addition to the “Frankie Leg,” features steps such as the “tiptoe,” the “old folks,” and of course “Man down code 10.” Some of the video’s commenters are less than charitable, but we’re happy to see her doing her thing instead of showing up in TMZ’s celebri-blotter. Not to mention that it’s particularly inspired of Lons to riff lyrically on “Stanky Legg,” since her outsized personality is not far removed from that of GS Boyz’s members. (Need proof? Check out the results of a snake infestation at Prince Charming’s house.)
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