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by (@lindseyweber)

JoJo Returns With Free EP, Will It Be Too Little, Too Late?

Remember JoJo? No, not that JoJo, this JoJo. The JoJo that launched her career when she was just thirteen and starred in a movie with Robin Williams. Well, JoJo isn’t thirteen anymore, and since her hit album she’s been doing all sorts of good stuff–most of it under the radar. There was that cover of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” that sounded (dare I say) better than the original? Last year’s “Disaster” even peaked at 29 on the Billboard charts last year. Most exciting, however, is JoJo’s newest project: an EP called Agápe.

Listen for yourself.

by (@lindseyweber)

Icona Pop’s New EP Is (Probably) The Most Fun You’ll Have On A Wednesday


Here’s some music that’ll make your mid-week blues feel more like end-of-week joy. Swedish duo Icona Pop, Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt, have shared a stream of their newest EP, Iconic, with the web and it if played correctly (all the way through) it should cure your weekday woes. Joining the irritable pop anthem, “I Love It“, five other tracks prove Icona Pop to be consistent with their musical heritage (Swedes truly make the best pop) and confirming their “iconic” band name. Melodic synths, thumping drums, choruses perfect for screaming sing-alongs: It’s like ABBA for 2012, if you ask me. (And I am not referring to the A*Teens.)

The best part about an EP? It’s short, and exactly the length time it should take to get ready for a night out.

Stream away.