Girl On Fire


Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” Has Blown Up In Lawsuit Flames

Bloggers have changed the game. Alicia Keys‘ can thank the blogger over at Showbiz411 for the copyright infringement lawsuit she’s been slapped with by songwriter Earl Shuman. Because of this post noting the similarities between Keys’ chart topper “Girl On Fire” and the Eddie Holman 1970 classic “Hey There Lonely Girl,” one of the living songwriters decided he wanted in on the mula being made from Keys’ hit single from her fifth album of the same title. Read more…


P!nk Turns Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” Into An Edgier Rock Version

P!nk vocally has the ability to cover the gamut of hard rock to soulful R&B. Over in the UK P!nk put her trademark stamp on a cover of Alicia Keys‘ hit single “Girl On Fire” on BBC Radio. Both Storytellers singers have vastly different musical styles. P!nk’s badass rocker chick influences her music versus Alicia Keys’ more safe pop and R&B zone. Weirdly enough the two sound quite similar in their different variations of “Girl On Fire,” and we think it’s the yelling the song almost demands. Read more…


Alicia Keys And Maxwell Make Magic With “Fire We Make”

"Fire We Make" Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys and Maxwell on a record together sounds like pure joy. “Fire We Make” is the latest single to drop from Alicia’s forthcoming Girl On Fire, and it sounds exactly like its title. Alicia opens the track with breathy vocals. It’s airy almost to the point of a whisper, only her voice is anything but quiet. Maxwell takes over the second verse with his beautiful high pitched range–his signature. Read more…


There’s A Brand New Alicia Keys On The Cover Of Complex, But She’s Still Guarded

alicia keys covers complex

“Brand New Me” is the tune Alicia Keys is singing lately, both literally and figuratively. Girl On Fire is the singer’s first album since becoming a wife and mother. And Complex featured Alicia’s ‘new self’ on the cover of its December/January issue. Those with foot fetishes are in for a treat. The 31-year-old singer may feel completely free, but don’t expect her to overshare her personal business. “The whole freaking world is looking at your s—. It’s scary,” she tells the magazine. “I didn’t want to say every single thing because you don’t want people to know that. There’s personal and there’s public, and I deserve the right to have a personal space.” Read more…

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Alicia Keys Dropped Two Versions Of “Girl On Fire,” And There’s Still A Third To Come

It’s been three years since The Element of Freedom, and with the next on the burner, set for release November 27th, Alicia Keys is turning up the heat. “New Day,” the first single off of Girl On Fire, was a banging and inspiring thing. And now we get the title track, which is actually going to be a three song suite. As such, Keys dropped the suites first two segments yesterday: the chilled out “Girl on Fire (Blue Light)” mix and the Nicki Minaj assisted “Girl on Fire (Inferno)” remix. Still not about actually about Katniss Everdeen, “Girl on Fire” is instead a hot ode to females strong and mighty. “She got her head in the clouds and she’s not backing down,” goes the anthem, “This girl is on fire.”

The “Inferno” version features a booming, mid-tempo drum beat derived from rocker Billy Squire’s 1980 breakbeat classic “The Big Beat,” and two rapped Nicki verses. Theatrics turned down and focus turned up, Nicki opens the track with a meditation on Marilyn Monroe (“Spirit of Marilyn callin’ me, audibly/ Ballin’ she/ Said that she would never leave/ Continue to torture me”) and a Gabby Douglas name check (“But I got ‘em aggy, cause I win the gold like Gabby”). Keys, meanwhile, does her usual singing thing, sounding strong as ever when she lets the “this girl is on fire” refrain soar.

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