by (@kat_george)

Demi Lovato Has Twitter Beef With God

God? Are you there? It’s me, Demi! Pop star Demi Lovato has taken to her Twitter to vent her frustration at God. Is she going through some traumatic times? We know Demi’s had some troubles with her health in the past, and after her stint in rehab we hope that she’s making a speedy recovery. Despite calling out God for his/her absence in her Tweets, Demi still has an overall air of positivity — one of the reasons we love her so much — and her final Tweet of the bunch (Frank Ocean “Swim Good” inspired perhaps?) left us with a sense that everything is going to be OK, and even we took some inspiration for ourselves! See the Tweets we’re talking about below.

Demi Lovato Questions God, Sings Along With Skrillex On Twitter [Pop Dust]

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