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by (@sllambe)

10 Songs That Need To Be Retired From TV


On Monday, we rounded up the best overlooked musical moments on TV. Those moments were special due to the fact that those scenes utilized songs that are not featured on every TV show. The tracks used were a breath of fresh air compared to the songs on this list. We’ve heard “Breathe Me,” “How To Save A Life” and “Open Your Eyes” on everything from Grey’s Anatomy to The Sopranos. And now they need to be put to rest. Say goodbye to the ten songs that need to be retired from TV. Read more…

by (@sllambe)

10 Best Overlooked Musical Moments On Television


There have been a number of fantastic moments on TV when a song marries the scene perfectly. For instance, “Hallelujah” in both The West Wing and The O.C. or Sia’s “Breathe Me” at the end of Six Feet Under. But those shows and others have provided us with so many great moments that there are tons that are overlooked. Do you remember how fresh “Take Five” sounded during a rare bright moment in season six of The West Wing? Or how hilariously bitchy Thanksgiving was in Gossip Girl season three? These are the best overlooked musical moments in the past ten years of television. Read more…