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GQ Solidifies Its Love Fest With Rick Ross By Naming Him The Bawse Of The Year

GQ Names Rick Ross The Bawse Of The Year

Rick Ross is the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far. But you knew that already because he’s only been grunting it since ’07. To validate his self-proclaimed admiration of himself, GQ has named the Miami rapper the Bawse of the Year 2012. For your viewing pleasure his coveted title includes a very special (by special we’re really blowing smoke, but stay with us, people!) shirtless photo of the Head Boss In Charge draped in mink. Let us not forget he’s flipping the bird to all, while hiding half of his face under his mink. It’s like he’s saying, “F you, you peons! My mink has more swag. Uhhhhh.” Well alright then, bawse man. Read more…


Frank Ocean Rejects The ‘Bisexual’ Label In GQ Profile Story

Frank Ocean Refuses To Label Himself Bisexual

Amy Wallace wrote a fantastically written profile, “Ocean-ography,” on Frank Ocean for GQ magazine. Wallace pulled out of Frank the important small details that complete the bigger picture to otherwise mysterious prolific songwriter and singer. It’s less about the back story on how a kid goes from working at Fatburger to writing songs for Justin Bieber and Beyonce. Instead it’s a window into Frank as a creative, a human, a man. Read more…

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Rihanna Explains Her “Tweet, Retweet, Trending Topic!” Songwriting Strategy And Dances With Chris Brown For GQ

You may have caught glimpse of — or lingered over, because who could blame you? — Rihanna‘s sexy GQ “Men of the Year (And One Hot Woman)” cover that hit the web over the weekend and figured she had already bared all. But the accompanying story is now up, and the boundary-less star has more yet to show and tell, about the bottle brawl and her songwriting, her Caribbean culture and of course her love life. Rihanna and the writer enjoy a night out on the town that includes a papparazzi-flash lit dinner, an impromptu song-writing sesh in her hotel room and a dance-floor reunion with none other than Chris Brown.

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Former Bad Boy Rapper G-Dep Senteced To 15 Years For Murder, GQ Editor On Jury That Found Him Guilty

G-Dep Sentenced to 15 Years, GQ Editor Jim Nelson On Jury

When G-Dep’s “Special Delivery” came on, no matter where you were, getting hype was the only logical thing to do. That was in ’01, and we haven’t heard much from the former Bad Boy Records rapper since. Trevell “G-Dep” Coleman was sentenced to 15 years in prison for a murder he committed 16 or 17 years ago (he couldn’t really recall when). Last year he turned himself in cold turkey saying he had to make it right with God, according to Global Grind. G-Dep told cops he shot a man three times in a robbery when he was 18 or 19. With his confession on the table, the jury convicted him as guilty.

In a strange turn of events, GQ editor Jim Nelson was on the jury that found G-Dep guilty. In his monthly “Letter from the Editor” for the June 2012 issue, Nelson recalls his feelings about being on the jury that sent a once well known rapper to prison. He writes:

Once the D.A. matched him to the crime, we the jurors wrestled with a mess of things, but couldn’t avoid the evidence. I sometimes wondered if I was fit to judge this man who was capable of acts of public violence and personal honor I couldn’t even imagine having to wrestle with. And I’d think: Hasn’t this man suffered enough? He’s done twenty years in his head already. That’s a slower, more infernal form of justice, the interior kind, isn’t it?

And yeah, tell that to the guy he killed.

We found him guilty, because he was, and no one’s excusing anything. (After the trial, he talked to MTV and, sounding like a man unburdened, thanked “everybody that was involved in the case.”) Still, it’s a heavy feeling: I helped put him away, and yet when I think of someone who did his duty, I think of Trevell Coleman.

Wow. Everything about this story is tough no matter how you slice it. We’re not sure it’s appropriate to give G-Dep props for turning himself in since he did murder someone. But the growth apparent by that decision is at least notable. Kudos to Nelson for his transparency. Unfortunately, no one really wins in the end.

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