Nicki Minaj Has No Worries About Her Grammy Snub And Five Make Believe Reasons She Was Overlooked

Now that the Mariah Carey tiff is getting old (yes?) Nicki is releasing the cat off her tongue on the GRAMMY snub that led to a 30 day Twitter Sabbatical. When the Grammy nominations were announced and Nicki racked up zero, zilch, nada nods it was assumed Ms. Minaj was upset. Her Barbz certainly were. Only according to her she’s like her boss Weezy, “I ain’t got no worries.”  Read more…

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Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” Hits #2 On The Charts, But Can She Beat Adele?

It might be Madonna Week, but it seems like there’s a generous helping of Kelly Clarkson scooped on top of the Madonna madness. While Madge is taking care of half time entertainment at the Super Bowl, Kelly has been tasked with the honor of singing the national anthem, and we’re just as excited to see her belt it out as we are to see Madonna leaping across the stage in a sparkly catsuit. And it looks like it’s not only us jumping on the Clarkson band wagon — Kelly is shooting up the charts with some impressive steam.

Kelly’s track “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” (watch the video after the jump) has made it to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 today, and if we were in primary school we’d be singing something like “First is the worst, second is the best!” (although number one placeholder, Adele, is most certainly not the worst!). And speaking of Adele, will Kelly be able to topple her this week? We learned the power of an Adele number one last year; and as we’re learning this year, her reign is absolutely unassailable. Adele’s latest number one “Set Fire To The Rain” will be a tough one to beat, especially with Adele’s record at the top, and her forthcoming first post-surgery performance at the Grammys (where Kelly is also performing, albeit less momentously). But interest in Kelly has certainly been piqued this week — will she prove to be the stronger of the two?

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Last Lap: Madonna Announces Her Love And Admiration For Nicki Minaj And M.I.A.

Madonna Announces Her Love And Admiration For Nicki Minaj And M.I.A.
Madonna‘s new single, “Give Me All Your Luvin'” and forthcoming appearance at the Super Bowl both feature appearances by M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, of whom Madonna has said “They’re not conventional pop stars and I really admire them both. I love both of them actually.” We’re guessing having the Queen Of Pop say things like that about you is going to be both humbling and ego boosting, so a big round of applause for the “non-conventional” gals! [NME]

Katy Perry Added To Already Impressive List Of Grammys Performers
Katy Perry is the latest artist to be added to the ever growing list of impressive names set to play at the Grammys. As if we weren’t already excited enough about Adele and Rihanna et al, well, let’s just say there may or may have not been an impromptu sing-a-long to “Teenage Dream” in one writer’s cubicle this afternoon upon hearing the news… [Neon Limelight]

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Cee Lo Confirms Grammy Performance With Gwyneth Paltrow And … The Muppets?!?

We had heard some rumors that Cee Lo would be performing his hit smash “Forget You” at the Grammy Awards this weekend with his new bestie Gwyneth Paltrow, so when he popped by our offices the other day, we asked him whether or not the rumors were true. “I wanted it to be a surprise,” The Lady Killer himself told us, “but it’s not anymore. The cat’s been let out of the bag.” He went on to tell us that he’ll not only be performing alongside the Oscar winner, but that the Muppets will also be joining in on the action!

For more scoops and insight into the world of Cee Lo Green, be sure to follow him all month long on VH1’s Posted!


Amy Grabs Grammys, Drops Hubby?

amy_winehouseTabloid staple Amy Winehouse cleaned up last night at the Grammys in more ways than one, winning five out of the six categories she was nominated for. The singer reminded the world what she was famous for when she performed “You Know I’m No Good” and “Rehab.” But there was one person who might have been less than thrilled for Winehouse — her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. It seems Blake’s a bit worried since Amy’s been attempting to climb on the wagon, and he knows that if she gets sober, there’s a distinct possibility Winehouse might see him for the leech he is. According to Perez Hilton, Blake decided not to discuss these concerns with his Grammy-winning wife, and instead wrote an open letter to his wife, pleading with her to stay, and releasing it to the media:

Baby, oh darling. Please don’t leave me Amy. I’m so worried that now you’re thinking straight you’ll realise I’m not worthy of you. Oh God, please don’t leave me. I’ll do anything to show you my heart and loyalty is with you. I did tell my mum how you fell asleep on visits ? and although sometimes I think your dad hurts me unnecessarily I love him and respect him. Me and my family are finished for good. No visits, phone calls, nothing. I love my new family and can’t wait to show them I’m not just a f*cking loser and that I can look after their daughter. That’s if you can find it in your heart to trust me. Your [sic] my family now, if you’ll all have me. Pls don’t leave me Amy, Pls. I love you so much, Blake xxx.

Note: Blake, if she’s so worth it, spell out “please.” Also, we don’t think you have much to worry about; during her performance last night she screamed out “Blake” and thanked “my Blake incarcerated” during her acceptance speech for Record of the Year. You’ll recall that Amy’s mom wrote her an open letter back in December, pleading with her to get help. What is it with this family that they only communicate through open letters to tabloids?


Best Rock Scream: Grohl’s Growl

Dave Grohl‘s gang won in both the Hard Rock Performance and Rock Album categories last night. But the gut-wrenching yowl that capped their performance of “The Pretender” could beget a new category: Best Rock Scream. Here’s the clip of the Foos getting furious. What other rock songs have earthshaking wails?


Party Time: Gearing Up for the Grammys


Lots of parties have been thrown this week as bigwigs gear up for music’s big night. In the last 72 hours, In Style magazine, Fuse TV, and the Grammy Foundation have hosted shindigs to celebrate everything from hip-hop to doom metal.

Pre-Grammy party-goers included Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Musiq Soulchild, Natasha Bedingfield, Paris Hilton, Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, Mark Ronson, Taye Diggs, Chris Daughtry, Adam Levine, Kat Von D, John Mayer, Chrisette Michele, and John Fogerty.

Prep yourself for Sunday night’s show by clicking here.


Grammys Gossip: Who’s In, Who’s Out, And What They’ll Wear


* Amy Winehouse has been a denied a visa and will not be attending this Sunday’s Grammy Awards. The singer, who recently entered rehab and was planning on attending the ceremony, will perform via satellite. ?I?m really sorry I can?t be there but I appreciate that I?m being given a second chance via satellite,? Amy told UsWeekly.

* Hayley Williams and her band Paramore are headed to the Grammys, but don’t think they’ll forsake their punk roots and go glam for the event: “We?ve never worked with a stylist before, so this is a different world from what we?re used to. We don?t want to abandon our background — like I come out there wearing a gown. We?re going to have fun with it.” Williams thinks the band, up for the Best New Artist Grammy, has a shot at winning. “It?s possible we could win — we made it this far.”

* Kanye West, up for eight nominations at Sunday night’s award show, is planning an emotional tribute to his mother, who died this past November due to complications from plastic surgery. Ye will perform “Stronger” and “Hey Mama.”

* After paying tribute to ’80s smashes by New Order and Michael Jackson on his year’s multi-single-spawning release Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna will perform with The Time, who you might remember as Prince‘s musical competition in Purple Rain. The band, formerly led by Morris Day, will be reuniting for the occasion. Let’s hope they do “Umbrella,” (originally written for a certain out-of-control pop star).

Be back here on Sunday night at 8 p.m., where we’ll be dishing on all the performances.