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First Blood: 20 Classic Debut Albums In Heavy Metal And Hard Rock History

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Where would we be without the number one? One is the beginning and the final destination, the ultimate, the pinnacle and the symbol for wholeness and unity. It’s no wonder then that we pay so much attention in music to an artist’s first album. It is the start of their career, their introduction to the world, and where first impressions are made. Read more…

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Have Your Say In Deciding Michael Jackson’s Greatest Song!

On Friday, we shared our list of The 40 Greatest Michael Jackson Songs, but now it’s your turn to have your say. So as we gear up to this evening’s world broadcast premiere of This Is It, the 2009 documentary that followed Michael Jackson while he rehearsed for the “This Is It” tour, make sure you get involved. Vote right here, leave your comments, and get your Twitter fingers thumping (use #MJThisIsIt and be sure to include @VH1 in your tweets) to make your opinion heard.

So, what’s your favorite? Is it a Jackson 5 classic like “ABC”? Or something for MJ’s early solo career, like “Thriller”? Are you more of a contemporary fan for songs like “You Rock My World”? Or do you just love it all and can’t make up your mind so you wish you could vote for everything? It doesn’t matter what your opinion is, if you’re black or white or whether or not you can do the moonwalk — we want to hear from YOU!

Don’t forget, the world broadcast premiere of This Is It is happening TONIGHT at 9 p.m. ET, only on VH1!

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100 Greatest Songs of the ’00s (COMPLETE LIST)

VH1’s latest entry in The Greatest series is one that’s sure to stir up plenty of debate! Counting down The 100 Greatest Songs of the ’00s, host Pete Wentz (whose own “Sugar, We’re Going Down” comes in at #40 on the list!) and a murderer’s row of your favorite comedians and musicians provide their expert analysis (and a few jokes along the way) on songs that made the aughts such a memorable decade, musically speaking. Read more…