Guess The Celebrity

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Guess The Guitar God!

[Photo: Getty Images]

[Photo: Getty Images]

The sound of the electric guitar is the sound of rock ‘n’ roll, plain and simple. American blues musicians were the first to crank their amps into overdrive to be heard above the din of juke joints and find the rich, saturated tones pleasing to the ear. In the mid-60s British fans started spray-painting “Clapton Is God” around London in honor of Eric Clapton’s groundbreaking lead guitar work with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. The age of The Guitar Hero had arrived. And no guitar god worth his weight in groupies goes without a signature six-string by his side. Peruse these legends of rock guitar and see if you can guess who they are just from pictures of their iconic axes.

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