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Dueling Axes: Who Are Heavy Metal’s 10 Greatest Two Guitar Teams?

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The defining sonic signature of hard rock and heavy metal music is the sound of an electric guitar hammering home a riff through a mountain of Marshall amps stacks. And the only thing better than one guitarist hammering home a riff through a mountain of Marshalls is TWO guitarists hammering home monster riffs in tandem through even more Marshall stacks (heck, some bands even have THREE guitarists doing it, but that’s a different list!). Read more…

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That Metal Debate: That Metal Show Top 5 Guitar Duos

This week on That Metal Show, we had Alice Cooper, Jack Russell (Great White), and Brian Tichy rockin’ out on drums. We also asked Scott Ian (Anthrax) to stop by and be our first ever celebrity guest to participate in the “TMS Top 5,” and he helped us figure out the Top 5 Guitar duos of all-time. With all of the hard rock and heavy metal bands out there, it was pretty tough to come up with just five, but as you know, it’s called the “TMS Top 5,” so we’re keeping with tradition.

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