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Gwyneth Paltrow Gushes Over Baby Blue Ivy: “She Is Going To Be An Entertainer”

Remember when you were a baby and your mom’s bestie, Gwyneth Paltrow, said you were going to be a star one day? No? Neither do we. Probably because it never happened. But when baby Blue Ivy Carter learns to read and starts perusing Tuner, she’ll be able to answer, “Yes, yes! I remember that! That happened to me!” Gushing aunt Gwyn has told Hollywood Life that Blue Ivy “Is going to be an entertainer. She just has this glow around her like her mother.” Phew. We’re glad we’re not the only ones who thought BeyoncĂ© looked a little bit radioactive. Gwyneth also added that “BeyoncĂ© is doing great… She’s just a natural at being a mom. And Blue Ivy is stunning, she has the most beautiful eyes.” Before we deem Gwyneth to be a future-teller, however, we should note that Blue Ivy is already a star, with the most hyped birth since that one by that virgin in the manger that time, and already making history as the youngest ever “artist” to chart after she lent her vocals to dad Jay-Z‘s track “Glory”.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Blue Ivy will be a star [Music News]

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6 Reasons Why You Must Know Azealia Banks Right This Instant

If you’re not familiar with 20-year-old Harlem rapper Azealia Banks, now’s the time to get acquainted. She released her first track, “Seventeen,” back in 2009 (which was produced by one of her biggest fans and supporters, Diplo), but the hype didn’t really start building around Banks until last year. With her brand of aggressive, dance led rap, reminiscent of East London’s garage scene, Banks is kicking up a storm in the music world, taking girl rap back to the no-holds barred days when we first met the potty mouthed Lil Kim. Except that Banks is a little bit ruder, and much more raw. There are a million reasons why you need to know Azealia Banks right this instant, but here are the top 6:

1. “212”
Banks got a lot of attention for her 2011 release “212,” which was one of the biggest, most critically acclaimed tracks of the winter. Half dance club, half rap, “212” is unavoidably infectious, and comes with a generous helping of dirty words. Watch the video for “212” here.

2. The Cool List
NME put Banks at number one on their Cool List in 2011. Out of 50 musicians, that’s no mean feat for the newcomer. And we definitely don’t disagree with the decision — Banks has that “cool without even trying” nonchalant defiance about her.

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