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Wigging Out: As Nicki Minaj Parts Ways With Her Hair Stylist, We Celebrate Her Best Looks

Nicki Minaj Parts Ways with Wig Stylist

Of all the Nicki Minaj beefs that have been left on the fire over the last few years, this one is both laughable and disconcerting: Minaj has parted ways with her longtime hairstylist, Terrence Davidson. Colorful and constantly changing, Nicki’s hair has been a conversation piece when other subjects, like her lyrical ability and sizable behind, became exhaustive. The ease with which she transitioned from pink to green to bright blonde–in one video!–gave hope to little girls who grew up with unruly curls and spent the better part of their 20s being depressed by the theories of Patti Stanger. But with a new year comes new opportunities and new challenges, and we will get through this time of uncertainty (i.e. not knowing what to expect from Nicki’s hair as she preps for live television) together, friends.

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Lady Gaga Cries At Manila Concert Over Protests Against Her Shows And Stands Up For The Gay Community

Lady Gaga Born This Way Tour

If there’s anything Lady Gaga wants it’s for everyone to be accepted for who they are. But it looks like the megastar is having a hard time being accepted for who she is by certain religious groups throughout Asia. Recently Gaga made headlines for her controversial “Born This Way” Asian tour that has garnered attention for protesters that are against what Gaga stands for and what they perceive would “threaten morality.” Indonesian police would not grant her a permit to perform despite the sold-out concert where 52,000 attendees were expected. In South Korea those under the age of 18 were prohibited from attending the concert. In addition, the AP reported that approximately 200 Christian youth in Milana, Philippines protested against her performing in Milana. Gaga prevailed in Milana and gave over 16,000 of her little monsters exactly what they’d hoped for last night. Read more…