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These 20 Heavy Metal Horror Movies Will Make You Bang Your Head With Fright This Halloween

In the realm of heavy metal, every day is Halloween. Just consider the costumes, the make-up, the shrieking, the zombie mascots, the haunted house stage decor, and the omnipresence of horned demons and hungry gargoyles set loose in tribute to the forces of darkness. And what back stage rider is complete without a gluttonous array of sweets and candies(no brown M&M’s please)?

Another way of looking at it, though, is that for one day each year, the whole rest of the world goes heavy metal. Either way, come late October, Halloween and heavy metal are as intertwined as the words “trick” and “treat.” The unholy wellspring from which each draws its greatest inspiration is the hairy, scary visual and cultural vocabulary of horror movies. Read more…

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Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki And More: Which Musician Won Halloween 2013?

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This year, Halloween fell on a weekend Halloween fell on a Thursday, which means that our famous friends have been sporting costumes for nearly a week now. During that time, we here at VH1 Music have been keeping our eyes on what our favorite musicians—names like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato & more—were dressing up as. We’ve collected some of the most memorable looks—be they spooky, sexy, or straight up scary!—in the gallery above and now we’re turning it over to you, the fans. Which musician WON Halloween 2013? Vote in our poll below!

[Photos: I Am Beyonce, Instagram, Splash News]

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10 Music Videos That Totally Creeped Us Out


Halloween is on the horizon and with it horror movie marathons, celebrity costume galleries and most terrifying of all, candy binge eating. To keep you in the holiday spirit we’ve put together this list of super creepy music videos which will keep you up with night terrors and seeking solace in that extra large bag of mixed chocolate bars.

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Great Success? Drake Was The Borat To Chris Brown’s Terrorist For Halloween

Last night, Chris Brown wore what must be the year’s most mistaken Halloween costume out trick-or-treating, earning himself near-unanimous disgust from across the internet. Headscarves on, beards “grown” long and guns held up and a blazin’ over their heads, Breezy and friends dressed to match as terrorists, posting the above picture to Instagram with a caption that read, “Ain’t nobody F—ing wit my clique!!!!#ohb.” No matter how you cut it, the costume bares little resemblance to “a sugar skull,” and was not likely inspired by some “MAC cosmetic design he saw;” rather, it’s culturally insensitive and boasting of violence, something a guy his history should be weary of. And that’s all to say nothing of the fact that he wore the “terrorizing” costume to Rihanna‘s party. Really, was CVS all out of Honey Boo Boo costumes by the time you got there? Read more…

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Lady Gaga Vs. Rihanna: Who Did Halloween Ganja Queen Better?

Apparently, these two pop divas forgot to coordinate their Halloween costumes—or DID THEY? I hope they got together for some celebratory “hangouts” before going out, because both women went dressed as each of their favorite past time: Marijuana. But because this is a blog and I a mere human, I had to pit these two Ganja Queens against each other in a BATTLE FOR THE THRONE.

Who deserves the very strong smelling grand prize?

There are categories! This is serious.

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Why Is The “Monster Mash” Still Such A Big Seller After 50 Years?

Fifty years ago this week, an aspiring actor turned songwriter named Bobby Pickett reached the top of the Billboard charts under the moniker Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers with his song, “Monster Mash.” The novelty track spent two weeks at #1 on the charts in October of 1962 and, to this day, displays remarkable staying power: A quick look at the iTunes Singles chart this morning shows the track sitting in the #40 position, likely being purchased by children whose parents were not even alive when the song was first written during the music industry’s dance craze phase of the early 60s (think “The Twist,” think “The Mashed Potato,” think “The Loco-Motion”).

S-Curve Records founder Steve Greenberg penned a fascinating tribute to the “Monster Mash” on his record company’s website this morning, and it got us thinking a bit. Why is a song that is 50 years-old, written as a parody of (if you’re generous) or a cash-in on (if you’re more cynical) a long-forgotten dance craze, and pegged to an (admittedly awesome) impression of a film star who rose to fame in the 1930s still relevant to today’s youth?

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Friday Face-Off: Backstreet Boys vs. Chris Brown

It’s Friday, you’re tired of your job and you have nothing else to do while your Lean Cuisine heats up in the microwave. So, take a second to vote for today’s Friday Face-Off Music Video. In a Halloween-themed match-up, Chris Brown‘s “Wall To Wall” is up against Backstreet Boys‘ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” You can vote below to determine which video is the most eerily entertaining, but first, it’s time to entertain the case for each each video.

Team Breezy: Felicia Daniels, Associate Producer, VH1.com Music  (@fdot415)

“Wall To Wall” – Sorry, but any music video inspired by classic Wesley Snipes‘ superhero film Blade (remember Blade?!) renders all competition irrelevant. Read more…

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Chris Brown’s Halloween Costume (Unfortunately) Leaves Little To The Imagination

Chris Brown has become such a lightning rod for controversy that he can turn even the most innocuous of situations into something sinister. Take his Halloween costume, for example — while most people were out trick-or-treating last night, Chris Brown was taking TwitPics of his version of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s Green Man. Needless to say, anyone who sees his full, extremely NSFW Halloween costume, will no doubt have nightmares tonight.
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Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire” Video Puts The Horror Back In Halloween

If you’re a girl, you probably want to get between Donald Glover‘s sheets; if you’re a dude, you probably want to do the bromance thing with him. Either way, Donald Glover has his fingers in the two best pies: comedy and music. Well known for his role as Troy on Community and his behind-the-scenes writing work for 30 Rock, Donald’s lesser known but equally potent alter-ego is Childish Gambino, the potty-mouthed, darkly lyrical rapper. And now, Childish Gambino is saving Halloween just in the nick of time!

With all the saccharine costumes we’ve seen this year — from teen wolves to Gaga look-alikes to Disney characters — the new NSFW Childish Gambino video for “Bonfire” is putting the truly horrific back into Halloween. Not for the skittish or easily perturbed, the video features an ambiguous noose, blood vomit, the woods at night, and an intriguing twist in the plot… and Donald. Lots and lots of Donald.

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