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Defiance As A Defense Mechanism: Lana del Rey Live At The Bowery Ballroom

Seemingly every time anyone discusses Lana Del Rey, questions about her quote-unquote “authenticity” are evoked. This sentiment was, above all else, dominating the pre- and post-show conversation at tonight’s sold-out show at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom (including the two dudes we overheard huddled up, sniffing something in a comically loud fashion, in a men’s bathroom stall after the concert had wrapped).

If you’re not already familiar with the artist known as Lana Del Rey, you soon will be. This 25-year-old siren exploded into the public consciousness this summer when she self-released her debut single, “Video Games,” to YouTube (garnering some 9 million views along the way). Cooler-than-thou hipster blogs initially praised her work, but quickly turned their backs on the self-described “gangster Nancy Sinatra” when it was discovered that she initially released an album under her real name, Lizzy Grant, before fully formulating the Lana Del Rey character. It’s not as if Grant/Del Rey’s calculated transition was unprecedented; everyone from Robert Zimmerman (better known as Bob Dylan) to Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga) has done something similar in the name of “art.” However, in this age of information overload, the rabid, scoop-hungry blogosphere has recognized that they can rack up more page views by deriding this young singer’s work than they can by taking a wait and see approach.

After months worth of fervent Internet discourse and a hype-generating European tour, Lana Del Rey finally took the stage in her self-appointed hometown of New York City earlier this evening in what she clearly felt was a put-up or shut-up performance. “It’s good to be home,” she told the Bowery Ballroom audience as she strode on stage to the bold entrance music of Bernard Herrmann‘s iconic score from Psycho. After a couple uncomfortable moments of “f***in technical difficulties” (her words), she quickly launched into “Without You,” a song which contains lyrics that arguably define her ethos: “I think I found God in the flashbulbs of your pretty cameras.”

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The Top Seven Beyonce Baby Bump Conspiracy Theories

Is Beyonce Faking Her Pregnancy

Ever since Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant during this year’s Video Music Awards, fans, the press and naysayers alike all want to know the same thing: Is Beyoncé’s baby bump for realsies? In one corner, fans are rooting for Beyoncé, standing by their girl and her proclamations that she is indeed carrying Jay-Z‘s baby. But in the other corner, naysayers are calling shenanigans to Bey and her bump, convinced that there’s no bun baking in her oven. We have no idea what is true and what isn’t, but we have been curiously inspecting the evidence and have decided to round up all the conspiracy theories to see if we really do have another Roswell on our hands…


In October on the Australian TV show Sunday Night, Beyoncé announced that her child was due in Feburary 2012.
According to the naysayers… Sorry Bey, but the math just doesn’t add up! A video released today (above) shows Bey gushing about her pregnancy and showing off a rather large baby bump on the set of “Countdown,” which was filmed on September 23, 2011. In the video, Beyoncé states that she is 6 months pregnant… which would make her 9 months pregnant in December… and 9 months is traditionally the point at which the baby decides to emerge from the womb… so it looks like Mamma Bey needs to get her story straight!
“Don’t be ridiculous,” say the fans… Beyoncé is known for being extremely private, and any discrepancies here can be explained away by the simple fact that Bey wants her real due date to remain a secret. There’s a reason this video came out, and moreover a reason why Bey is so careful to state the date at the start — Beyoncé doesn’t do anything by accident, and fans believe this is perfectly engineered to keep the birth as private as possible, much like her wedding to Jay-Z, the actual event of which was kept closely under wraps.

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