Ho Hey

by (@emilyexton)

We Now Have An Answer To The “What’s J.C. Chasez Been Up To Recently?” Question

JC Chasez Does "Ho Hey" Cover For USC Sorority

Shooting music videos with Tara Reid, judging America’s Best Dance Crew, and singing at sorority functions? While J.C. Chasez has kept a lower profile than his former *NSync buddy Justin Timberlake in recent months, the latest locale he’s turned up in is more surprising than the time we learned what the acronym for “ADIDAS” really meant. Yes, he has a tendency to wear fedoras in public and hang out with Glee‘s Matthew Morrison, but apparently JC is also a fan of the unexpected pop-up performance and somewhat stealing the thunder of nervous male undergrads who are just trying to snag a formal date.

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by (@kat_george)

“Ho Hey!” It’s The Lumineers Joyful New Video

If it’s grand romance you want, then here it is, courtesy of The Lumineers. Surrounded by flashing fairy lights and bursting in and out of shadow, The Lumineers give what can only be described as a completely joy filled performance in their new video for “Ho Hey.” Bringing life to a dank setting in what appears to be a run down, abandoned house, flowers bloom against the stodgy background, and magically a crowd forms to join the band in chorus. Stomping, strumming, dancing and chanting, The Lumineers, with their supporters in tow, create an explosive moment where amidst the flashing lights, confetti begins to rain down on the celebration. The proclamation of love in the song isn’t melancholy at all, and it’s given the romantic inside us a cause to toe tap and stare whimsically out the window as we’re buoyed by the jubilance of The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey.”

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