How I met your mother

by (@sllambe)

The Best (Fake) Songs Written For TV

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All week we’ve been celebrating the return of Fall TV with a look back on the best musical moments on television and songs that need to be retired. Now we are looking back on all the songs made up for a TV show. We’ve gathered up the best songs performed by your favorite characters. Everything from “Let’s Go To The Mall” (Robin Sparkles, How I Met Your Mother) to “Smelly Cat” (Phoebe, Friends) is on this list. Read more…

by (@unclegrambo)

Robin Sparkles Morphs Into Robin Daggers On How I Met Your Mother (And Pays Homage To Angsty 90s Music Videos)

How I Met Your Mother is the kind of show that, against your better judgment, you just can’t stop watching. Even the most hardcore fans of the show would readily admit that it’s been years since the show hit its creative peak, and despite the fact that we’ve yet to meet the titular Mother of the show, it feels as if we, the viewers, will never stop sliding down the slippery slope of denouement. Still, we tune in. Read more…