I Am Not A Human Being Pt. 2


So This Is What Lil Wayne’s “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” Sounds Like Ft. Drake And Future

Ahhh. Exactly what we needed before bringing in the new year was another song referring to women as bitches. Of course it’s not in the derogatory way. It’s a salute to the good kind of bitch. [Insert our eye roll here]. Lil Wayne called his boys Future and Drake to assist him with the auto-tuned track that will allegedly appear on his forthcoming album I Am Not A Human Being II. Weezy’s doing what we call rapsinging throughout the song. “I lost a few bad bitches, met some mo’ bad bitches.” Read more…


Lil Wayne Proves He Is Not A Human Being In “My Homies Still”

Lil Wayne and his skateboard take over suburbia in his new video for “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean from the upcoming sequel album, I Am Not A Human Being Pt. 2. The front lawns of nice homes in a quiet neighborhood are crowded with Lil Wayne’s circus of disarmed naked mannequins, an elephant and random furniture. Not to mention a hyper Lil Wayne rapping in leopard shorts sans a shirt. “Don’t make my goons go stupid,” Wayne raps while the neighbor walking his dog looks rather perplexed right before his head turns into the dog’s and vice versa. Big Sean chills out next to his skeletal pal draped with a purple feather neck piece. And have we mentioned the chick making out with one of the mannequins on the porch? Read more…