by (@kat_george)

Kelly Clarkson Overcomes A Last-Minute Ankle Sprain And Brings The House Down At VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul

Just moments before the taping of VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul last night, our girl Kelly Clarkson managed to sprain her ankle. Never one to let a broken thing deter her —ankles, hearts, it’s all the same, really!— Kelly powered on through the entire show, performing like a true professional. Even Questlove gave Kelly props for her stoicism when he tweeted, “Shoutout to Kelly Clarkson for goin in like a mofo trooper and with twisted ankle & all kickin arse & takin names. #vh1divas.”

So what happened? Well, Kelly took to WhoSay last night to explain. “Funny part of the evening is I twisted my ankle in a pair of heels right before the show started in a freakin pot hole on the street!,” she wrote. “Hurt like hell but still one of my favorite shows I’ve ever been a part of!” That’s why we love our Kelly — instead of indulging in self-pity, she powers through and gives every single one of her performances 100% energy and effort.

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