Former R&B Stars That Are Now Instagram Famous

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By Christopher Rosa 

Instagram works wonders, people. It can turn our favorite singers from the late ’90s and early 2000s into superstars all over again. Don’t believe us? Check out these nine former R&B stars who now rule Instagram. From va-va-voom bikini bods (hey, Ashanti) to rock-hard pecs (yes, you Craig David) these singers are setting the web on fire with their glorious #grams.

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American Authors Explain Love For Social Media, Offer Instagram Tips

You Oughta Know artist American Authors sure loves social media. In the modern age of communication, it’s hard not to be engaged on one of the social media platforms. Yet, this band can be found just about everywhere. The group’s main website is a Tumblr, all four members have their own Instagram and Twitter accounts and the group regularly updates everything for their fans’ viewing pleasure.

The group offers some useful guidelines for Instagram: No pictures of food. Though, Matt violates that rule a lot. (Guess he didn’t get the memo.)

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20 Times Rihanna Was Inappropriately Sexy With Unsexy Things On Instagram

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Rihanna is to everything as Joey Tribiani is to grandma’s chicken salad — she somehow manages to make anything and everything sexy as hell, and her Instagram presents a treasure trove of evidence to support this thesis. From seductively draping herself over her grandfather to making sexual gestures with phallic objects at the Aquarium in Cape Town; from kissing elephant trunks in Africa and offending by being too sexy at a mosque in Abu Dhabi, Riri is the queen of excessive, untameable sexuality.

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Nicki Minaj Pushes The Nudity Envelope Further Than Ever Before On Instagram

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Nicki Minaj is not the kind of woman who lacks self-confidence about her looks. Understatement of the year, right? Anyone who follows her racy music videos or even racier Instagram account is well aware that Nicki has no qualms about putting her considerable assets on display for the world to drool over.

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Rihanna Teaches Us How To Take Better Selfies, Gets Tongue-Tied About Chris Brown

Rihanna Covers Complex

Rihanna has been captured in not one but seven brand spanking new covers for Complex, in celebration of her seventh album, Unapologetic. Of course! How could we forget? That magic number has more than a little significance to her and the other members of the #RihannaPlane. Inside, the February/March cover story presents RiRi as both a perennial chart presence and graduate-level study in social media, thanks to the uncensored sharing of her morning rituals and bedtime companions. Chris Brown is once again a topic of discussion, because he always is where Rihanna is concerned, yet her fearless, intimidating armor proves itself to be penetrable when real emotions surrounding the on-again, off-again and at times, destructive, relationship come into play.

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Chris Brown Is Back On Twitter Without Tweeting, And He Wants You To Think About What Music Would Sound Like Without Him And Rihanna

Chris Brown Reactivates Twitter

It has to be written: Chris Brown and Rihanna are the new age Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. The main ingredients of their similarities are rebellion and dysfunctional addictive love.  Rihanna’s Oprah interview opened the floodgates for the pair’s openness about their friendship/not-so-secret-relationship that would soon follow. Whatever their relationship status is, “ain’t nobody’s business” (except the whole Internet). They’re now comfortable letting the world publicly see their love for one another through tabloids, Twitter and Instagram, and you will deal. By the way, Chris is back on Twitter, as we predicted he would be. It took all of a week. Read more…

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Drake Plays Chef With Guy Fieri [Updated]

Until someone can prove otherwise, we are going to go ahead and assume Guy Fieri is teaching Drake — a devotee of all things extra-luxurious and excessively cheesy, and a vocal Italian food fan — to make spaghetti bolognaise, Drake’s favorite (and an apparently off-menu) dish at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, in this head-scratcher of an Instagram that surfaced online last night. Or maybe as Vulture suggests, it’s the lesser known sixth mother sauce, “YOLO sauce.” Either way, Drake looks pretty serious about whatever is going on in that pan and we wish we could cop a taste.

Update: Fieri, whose notorious Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar is located conveniently close to VH1 headquarters, dropped by Big Morning Buzz Live to weigh in on Drake’s cooking skills.

Here’s what he had to say:

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5 Visual Cues From Pop Culture In Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” Music Video

Forget Madonna Week for a second and take a moment to fawn all over Adam Lambert‘s new video for “Better Than I Know Myself.” But it’s not what you were expecting — instead of grappling with a lover, the video sees Adam’s personality split in two and confined to adjoining rooms, as if under observation, while he attempts to reconcile the dualling elements of his personality. The dichotomy is one that is as relateable to us as breathing — it’s the timeless battle of the little devil on one shoulder, and the little angel on the other. In one room, Adam is a Glampire, dark and brooding, restless and angsty, swigging liquor from the bottle and destroying his environment out of boredom and frustration. In the next room is a peaceful Adam, calm and happy, reading, relaxing, completely at ease in his solitude. With the two facets of Adam’s personality at such distinct odds, which one will rise to the top? We’ll let you watch the video to find out what happens, in the meantime, we’ve picked up on a few visual cues from popular culture that seem to have influenced the video. Do you agree?

1. Adam Cullen?

We guessed that Adam might appear in the video as a vampire, and there are definitely vampyric elements to Adam’s darker self. His pale skin and unsettlingly bright hazel eyes for instance, are reminiscent of Twilight‘s Edward Cullen.

2. The Skin Adam Lives In

It appears that the dual Glamberts are being watched — if only by each other. The imagery of the split room, the stark contrast between the aesthetic of the two rooms, and the voyeuristic wall of glass between them reminded us of the observational room in Pedro Almodóvar’s 2011 film The Skin I Live In, in which an unwitting prisoner is kept and tortured by her Peeping Tom. To an extent, it’s the same in “Better Than I Know Myself,” with each Lambert tormenting the other, simply by the fact of their existence.

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