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Brit Rocker Double Feature: Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott + ELO’s Jeff Lynne Stop By ‘VH1 Classic On Tap’


You’re in luck today, music fans— because we’ve got a a double helping of interviews with two British rock icons! Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott and Electric Light Orchestra brain Jeff Lynne both sat down with VH1 Classic On Tap‘s Nik Carter and shared stories from their legendary careers. When you’re done watching these stellar videos, head over to VH1 Classic On Tap for more exclusive interviews with the biggest names in classic rock.

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Nick Mason Calls Pink Floyd’s ‘The Endless River’ Album A “Graceful Swansong”

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason confirmed the band’s recent album The Endless River, which featured posthumous recordings of keyboardist Rick Wright, is indeed the band’s last in an interview with VH1. “David (Gilmour, Floyd guitarist and singer) has made it really clear he doesn’t want to carry on and sadly it’s not something I can do on my own.” said Mason. The erudite drummer however seemed at peace with the prognosis, adding “So I think we’ll just sort of really enjoy a slightly graceful swansong with this record.” Read more…

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Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Returns To The Mainstream (With A Little Help From Tommy Lee)

Since entering the limelight in 1991, the apocryphal year zero of “the grunge revolution” as he calls it, Billy Corgan has led The Smashing Pumpkins with unsentimental musical ambition. Never one to be lulled into complacency by past achievements, he has driven his band from one artistic challenge to another, from alternative guitar rock to electronica and back again, from concept records to concept album cycles. His latest full-length with the band, Monuments to an Elegy, comes out today and is part of a series of releases he calls Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. Inspired by Tarot cards and begun in 2008, the series also includes 2012’s Oceania album and will conclude next year with a planned experimental album, Day for Night, and an eventual box set issue of all related recordings. Read more…

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Pete Wentz Explains Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” And Why They’re Always Getting Beaten Up In Their Videos

Since we last spoke with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, the band has completed their long-form video series The Young Blood Chronicles, performed at VH1’s SoundClash with T.I. and London Grammar, contributed a song to Disney’s Big Hero 6 soundtrack and collabed with fellow Windy City-native Lupe Fiasco on a new rendition of the Chicago Bulls’ “Only The Bulls” theme song. Most important to fans however, is new music in the form of the song “Centuries” and it’s expected epic video where the band gets their hands dirty in the gladiator pit and once again gets the crap beat out of them. Find out what Pete had to say about the song and video and when the world can expect a new Fall Out Boy record. Read more…

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Interview: Ozzy Osbourne Recalls Getting Sacked From Black Sabbath “I Thought It Was Over”

Self-described “Prince of f**king darkness” and sometime-television personality Ozzy Osbourne sat down with  VH1 Classic DJ Nik Carter at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour where he was on hand to receive the Classic Album award for his 1980 solo album, Blizzard Of Ozz. Reflecting on his firing from legendary heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath, Ozzy said “I thought it was over.” However, after hooking up with guitar shredder Randy Rhoads, the Ozzman crafted one of the great metal debuts of all time.  “I don’t know whether the stars were in alignment for me on that one but the two albums I made with Randy were classic albums.” Speaking of Rhoads, who died in 1982 in a tragic tour mishap, Osbourne added “he seemed to be with me for years but he was only there for a couple.” Read more…

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Interview: AC/DC’s Angus Young Says What He’ll Miss Most About Playing With Brother Malcolm

With well over 100 million records sold worldwide, countless unforgettable concerts performed, and a catalog full of some of the greatest songs in hard rock history, few bands can boast of the track record AC/DC has had since forming in 1973. The excellence of their recorded output is the model of consistency itself, from their 1975 debut album, up to their latest, Rock or Bust, which came out last week. Powered by the incendiary guitar work of Angus Young and the cord-shredding vocals of singer Brian Johnson – who took over for Bon Scott after his death in 1980 – the new album is a testament to the band’s songwriting skills and inability to not rock. Though the band recently announced the retirement of founding member Malcolm Young due to health problems, and the drummer’s chair is currently in question  after the legal woes of Phil Rudd, the band is still determined to carry on and give fan’s what they want with all they’ve got. Young and Johnson sat down with VH1 to discuss the new album, somewhat-new rhythm guitarist Stevie Young and how they’ve kept it up for 40 years in the rough and tumble world of high voltage rock n’ roll. Read more…

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Exclusive: Gregg Allman Remembers His Brother Duane “I Wish He Was Here With Me”

In an emotional interview, Southern rocker Gregg Allman said the first thing that went through his mind as he received the Living Legend award at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour was his late brother Duane, with whom he formed The Allman Brothers Band before his tragic death at the age of 24.  “I wish he was here with me,” he told VH1 Classic DJ Nik Carter, adding “He died right before the big success hit and immediately I thought he was shortchanged.”  Read more…

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INTERVIEW: Motörhead’s Lemmy Recalls Life Before Rock N’ Roll On Eve Of Concert Cruise


The idea is almost too perfect to be true; rock n’ roll brigand Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead and a rogues gallery of hard rock heavies take to the high seas for a four-day high-decibal concert cruise dubbed Motörhead’s Motörboat. Embarking from Miami, Fl. this Monday and making its way to Cozumel, Mexico, the floating fiesta grande will feature performances from Motörhead, Anthrax, and Down among others and promises to bring chaos to the Caribbean, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Blackbeard flew the Jolly Roger. On the eve of his departure, the consummate hard rock outlaw was kind enough to take our call and talk to us about a lifetime of rock n’ roll memories, and some that even precede rock n’ roll itself. Read more…

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INTERVIEW: Ace Frehley On His New Album And What Went Wrong At The Rock Hall Of Fame

It’s not uncommon to hear fans opine that the best Kiss album isn’t a Kiss album at all, but is actually the 1978 solo album from their extraterrestrial former-lead guitarist Ace Frehley. So it was welcome news when Ace let it be known that he was looking back to that first solo album while putting together his latest, entitled Space Invader, which came out last week. Read more…

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THE SPEED INTERVIEW: Jack Antonoff Of Bleachers Discusses His Strange Desires (Or Does He ?)

It’s pretty cool when a musician can jump from one successful project to another and have hits with both of them. That’s where unlikely pop star Jack Antonoff finds himself after taking time off from his gig in fun. to release a solo album under the Bleachers moniker, whose bouncy alt pop hit “I Wanna Get Better” is one of the summer’s most infectious singles. The erstwhile boyfriend of Girls’ Lena Dunham caught up with VH1 News recently to discuss his debut album Strange Desires, not to mention his true strange desires (well actually, he wasn’t exactly forthcoming about them but watch the interview anyway).  Read more…