by (@emilyexton)

Hey, Y’all! A Friendly Hello From Your Newest Tuner Writer

Jay-Z and Beyonce Wave Hello

If you’ve been wondering who the stranger is floating around the pages of your beloved pop culture oasis, rambling on about Beyoncé and bemoaning Justin Timberlake’s social media strategy, allow me to introduce myself: Hi! I’m Emily, and I’m your newest writer for VH1 Tuner. I’m over the moon to be joining this super talented team at such an exciting time, but I’ll throw it over to Rihanna to help express exactly how I’m feeling right now:

Rihanna Dancing GIFRihanna Dancing GIF

I’ve written about all things pop culture at Entertainment Weekly and Popdust, and one of my proudest moments includes the time I met Brad Pitt while wearing far too much denim (hint: there was a vest involved). I’m still recovering from locking eyes with Justin Bieber and I really wish Taylor Swift would just do her for a little bit, but mostly I’m looking for fun-loving pals who will tolerate my love of the Carter family and speak to me entirely in Clueless quotes. (Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter with good ones!) Let’s be friends?

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