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Selena Gomez Sings “…Baby One More Time” And Gucci Mane Shows Off His Acting Chops: Finally! The “Spring Breakers” Trailer Has Arrived

On the heels of footage of an allegedly tipsy Selena Gomez making the rounds at the Golden Globes after-parties comes a look at the former Disney star’s first mature-with-a-capital-“M” acting role. Monte Carlo may have featured Blair Waldorf and that dude from Glee, but it proved that without the convoluted hijinks their television writers can provide them with, they’re all bit… dull. But there’s still hope for Selenita, who has the making of a triple threat and the gossip factor to leave fans wanting more.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Spring Breakers since casting was announced and racy photographs hit the web over the summer. It’s since made festival rounds and generated buzz based on its director, Harmony Korine, who rose to fame after writing the screenplay for 1995’s Kids at only 22. It was a film praised for its honest, graphic depiction of teenage life, and helped launch the careers on then-unknown actors like Rosario Dawson and ChloĆ« Sevigny. Eighteen years later, Korine’s latest directorial effort takes a similar approach, by hiring a group of bubbling performers on the rise (and Gucci Mane) who have strong ties to PG (or PG-13 at best) entertainment; Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens did their time on the House of Mouse, while Ashely Benson stars on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and used to hang with Justin Bieber‘s crew.

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James Franco, Lindsay Lohan, Terry Richardson and R.E.M. Join Forces For New “Blue” Video

Heavy as our hearts may be with the news, R.E.M. are still broken-up. They haven’t let their split mean the end, though, and Michael Stipe himself has launched the Collapse Into Now Film Project, divvying up songs from their last album to a group of artists and filmmakers who will create accompanying visuals. Amongst the hand picked group is James Franco, who was given the album’s closer to work with. And boy — tragic starlets, tragically hip photographers, and the ever-congested 405, oh my! — did he deliver.

Here we have “Blue,” a James Franco-directed video that and stars Lindsay Lohan and features the song “Blue,” off R.E.M.’s final album Collapse Into Now. There’s hazy fly-over footage of Los Angeles and sludgy guitars here, Terry Richardson shotting photos of of Miss Lohan in a slinky black tank and Patti Smith singing there — and zeitgeist-y as it may be, the song is very good and the visuals pleasant. And so we let go of the who’s-who’s and how did this happen’s and, lo and behold, turns out it’s a pretty good video! What do you think?

Watch the Video For R.E.M.’s “Blue”, Directed By James Franco and Starring Lindsay Lohan [Pitchfork]

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