Jason Alexander

by (@zaragolden)

Nickelback Get Caffeinated With Jason Alexander And Brooke Burns In “Trying Not To Love You” Video

Nickelback aren’t actually in the video for “Trying Not To Love You,” the latest single off of Here and Now. Instead they go full-caffeinated and funny, and it’s a refreshing change from the generally serious rock band. The clip stars Seinfield‘s Jason Alexander (aka George Costanza) as Bud, the proud barista of the plainly named Cafe, and Baywatch‘s Brooke Burns as Gennifer with a G as the center of his latte art universe. Bud’s specialty is the half-caff mocha soy latte-ccino but Gennifer just wants a plain latte, and so he sets out to pour her one so beautiful it could send her into some sort of sexy espresso-bean-and-steamed-milk, 90’s music video referencing orbit. Think LIT‘s “Miserable,” but instead of Pamela Anderson on a fur rug, we get Burns shimmying in a pile of coffee grounds. Anyways, Bud’s good, but along comes a motorcycle riding, vest wearing, sunglass-shaded better one who can paint anything you want in a single pour and the latte-art battle for the lady’s heart is on. Worry not, though, because a coffee made with love is the tastiest cup of all.

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