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What We Learned From The Funny And Bubbly Nicki Minaj On Jay Leno

Jay Leno brings out the bubbly, playful side of Nicki Minaj. The promo stops for Wednesday’s debut of American Idol have Ms. Minaj busy jet-setting from coast to coast for daytime and late night TV interviews. Nicki opted for a toned down look donned in a simple girly dress underneath a pink blazer. (Oh, Nicki! The black wig would’ve done your look much more justice). Her pleasant persona was nostalgic of the pre-megafame days when you loved to love Nicki.

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Tuned In: Allen Stone Howls “Sleep” On Leno

Allen Stone really means it when he says he spends his nights howling at the moon. Last night the up-and-coming soul star and our January You Oughta Know artist hit the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he gave his fellow late night howlers a show that was sure not to put them to “Sleep.”

The 25-year-old Washington native took the stage with his signature blonde curls tucked under a fedora, and with three backup singers and a backing band that counted an organist among its members. They were super concise, and Stone sort of bounces around the stage seemingly possessed by the jaunty and inspiring Allen Stone single. His father’s church that he began his career singing in is dwarfed by the Leno stage, and we suspect this guy will soon be playing even bigger, so apparently all those nights spent shooting at the stars have paid off. If Stone sleeps until noon today like he says he does in the song, he’s well earned the extra hours.

Allen Stone — “Sleep” 12/11 Leno [AudioPerv]

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