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Lance Armstrong Isn’t The Only Lance With A Confession To Make

Lance Bass Makes Frosted Tips Confession

In the spirit of sharing, Lance Bass went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to reveal a very painful, personal secret from his past–something his fellow *NSync members didn’t even know. Having previously cleared up any questions about his sexuality and expressed a strong desire to fly to the moon, who knows what he’s been harboring long after the marionette strings were locked away for a rainy day.

“For many years, throughout the ’90s, I frosted my tips,” Bass bravely confessed during Thursday’s late-night show, following Lance Armstrong‘s teary one-on-one with Oprah Winfrey.  What and huh? This is the kind of intelligence that downright shocks those of us passionate TRL voters who truly believed he was born with a beautiful, naturally sun-kissed head.

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Tuned In: Ed Sheeran Brings His A-Game And “The A Team” To Jimmy Kimmel Live

The thing about Ed Sheeran is that, the first time one of his songs comes up on Pandora, it may not sound all that different than any of the other singer-songwriter-y jams that populate your Paolo Nutini channel. He’s a talented songwriter –just ask Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber, who has apparently enlisted his help for his acoustic album — but what really sets Sheeran apart is his stage show, where he expertly loops his vocals and guitar riffs into a full band’s worth of sound. He didn’t do that last night when he performed his Grammy-nominated anti-drug anthem “The A Team” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but his heartfelt but bare-boned performance was the perfect way to show off his chops to a late night audience that may be less familiar with the work he’s done with the One Direction cuties.

We’ve watched proudly as our former You Oughta Know star has climbed the Billboard (“The A Team” is currently ranking at #16 on the Hot 100) and iTunes (+ ranks at 20 on the album chart) charts over the past few months, thanks in part to his friends in high places, and when he earned his first Grammy nod (that he did himself). A few more fine showings like this and 2013 is his for the taking.

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Tuned In: Axl Rose Really Loves Halloween, And Other Things We Learned From His Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

Last night was a good one for late night watchers, who had musical performances from the Lumineers, No Doubt, the Whigs and Two Door Cinema Club to chose between, as well as President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the rarely seen Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This being Rose’s first live interview (as you’ll remember, Vh1’s That Metal Show sat down with the rock star last fall) in nearly two decades, we suspect the choice of which channel to chose was an easy one for rock fans. Axl arrived on-time (“It’s a miracle!” Rose laughed) and to a very excited audience. And while he didn’t have much to offer as to why he chose to break the wall of silence — though we suspect the timing might have something to do with Guns N Roses’ upcoming Las Vegas residency — but Axl gamely answered all Kimmel’s questions otherwise, and generally seemed the be enjoying himself. Read more…

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Tuned In: Alanis Morissette Covers “Basket Case” For Bilie Joe Armstrong On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Alanis Morissette filled in for Green Day on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, after they were forced to cancel their scheduled appearance after the weekend’s incidents. Although she could have used the time to do something off of her new album Havoc And Bright Lights, Morrissette opted instead to pay tribute to the great pop-punk band by performing an intriguing cover of Green Day’s 1994 classic, “Basket Case,” and by dedicating it to the currently struggling Billie Joe Armstrong.

Only a woman who has boasted about wearing her sweater backwards and inside out, as Morissette does in “All I Really Want,” can turn an agitated pop punk classic case into a piano and guitar ballad and make it sound so natural. Like Green Day in angst but not much more, she sang “I am one of those melodramatic fools/ neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it” like the line was written for her. So odd as the job may have been, she made for a great Green Day. And then when she was done, she very sweetly said “We love you Billie Joe.” Indeed.

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Monsters Calling Home Goes From Worst Moment To Best With Surprise Jimmy Kimmel Gig

What’s the recipe for the worst gig ever turned best?  Just ask LA-based indie band Monsters Calling Home, who went from low to high in an instant.  The back story: The band shot a music video for their song, “Fight to Keep” inside their Hondas. Honda came across it on YouTube and wanted to say thanks in an epic way as part of their Honda Loves You Back campaign, so Honda invited the band to play a private show for a bunch of executives.

Sounds like the break they needed, but when the band showed up for the gig, but there was no audience. They were told that everyone was held up in meetings. Worst gig ever. That’s when Honda dropped the big reveal — They weren’t meant to play for a bunch of execs, Honda had scored them a surprise slot on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Their priceless reactions were caught on film.

From worst to best in a couple of seconds.  Priceless.