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Nude Dude Upstages Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert And More At 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards

The 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards went down in Belfast, Ireland last night, featuring many of the same performers that took the stage at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards back in August (such as Bruno Mars, Queen‘s Brian May, Jessie J, and more). Fortunately, fans of tight monologues caught a break when Jo Calderone was denied his Visa by the Irish government, which resulted in an epic Lady Gaga performance of “Marry The Night”. Gaga’s performance took place on the moon (literally!), and saw her dressed as some sort of highly colorful piece of space fungus, and was highly reminiscent (in a good way) of her performance of “Edge Of Glory” on the American Idol finale back in May.

However, all of the artists and celebrities who presented and performed last night were upstaged by a naked Irishman who ran on stage while Hayden Panettiere was introducing a segment. Soy Bomb, he wasn’t; rather, the lothario leprechaun (actor David Monahan) appeared to be a plant by show producers to get people talking. How else do you explain that he was able to speak freely on the mic for two minutes without being tackled by (what we’re assuming to be) burly Irish security dudes? Either way, this fellow’s lucky charms were on display; we’ve got video of the NSFW moment for you after the jump. (You have been warned.)

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Lady Gaga’s Endless Promotional Campaign For Born This Way Will Continue Into 2012 With New Year’s Eve Performance

Some have argued that the sales of Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way LP have been disappointing. Whether or not that’s actually true, you can’t lay any of the blame for the sales numbers on the Mother Monster’s promotional efforts. As we documented with our patented Gaga-Mometer™ a few months ago, she’s been pushing the merits of her album since way back on June 21, 2010, making stops at the Grammys, American Idol, the Howard Stern Show and the 2011 VMAs along the way. Soon, you’ll be able to add a Times Square concert for a million-plus revelers on New Year’s Eve to that list.

It was reported earlier today that Gaga has been booked to ring in 2012 with a performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest live from the heart of New York City. Meanwhile, Fergie will be stationed in Los Angeles and will host whatever the West Coast equivalent to a ball-drop is. No further details about Gaga’s performance have emerged, so at this point, we ask for you to keep your fingers crossed that Jo Calderone won’t be working on a set of new material that night.

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