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First Dibs: Is the Lifetime Aaliyah Biopic Causing More Controversy Than Excitement?

2000 Teen Choice Awards

Which Disney song did the legendary rock group, Pearl Jam, cover at their concert in Italy? Rita Ora shows ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris that she is doing just fine and Beliebers turn against Justin Bieber with a new controversial hashtag.

  • The upcoming Aaliyah biopic has already faced a lot of criticism by her family and fans. The film will star 17-year-old Disney Channel actress Zendaya and will include details on Aaliyah’s allege marriage to R&B singer R. Kelly. Aaliyah was 15 and R. Kelly was 27 when they allegedly and illegally got married. [Rolling Stone]
  • Just because you are a rock band doesn’t mean you can’t jam out to a little Disney once in a while. Pearl Jam blessed their Italian fans with this awesome and unexpected cover of Frozen’s “Let It Go.” [Gawker]
  • After DJ Calvin Harris announced his split with singer Rita Ora on Twitter earlier this month, the ex-couple hit the stage at Capital FM Summertime Ball on Saturday in great spirits. Ora dawned a super short dress as she rocked the show, letting us know that she’s back on her feet since the split. [Mirror]
  • Beliebers are notorious for being the most ride or die fans but ever since Justin Bieber got back together with Selena Gomez, the Biebs has been less responsive to his fans on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, Believers are outraged. Fans decided that if Bieber is going to ignore them then they will ignore him in an effort to ironically win back his attention. Thus, the hashtag #ignorejustinproject was born. [MTV News]

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“Dear Old Nicki” Finally Calls Back And Delivers The Re-Up

Nicki's The Re-Up Review

The noise had become deafening. Nicki Minaj listened to the clamor of critics who claim she abandoned hip-hop for pop. She got the unwarranted memo and responded with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up. The message she’s conveying is simple: I can still rap. Don’t get it twisted.

After her sophomore release she caught flack for seemingly trading in the flow of a hungry emcee from Jamaica, Queens to appease an audience whose most played songs on their iTunes were sung by Justin Bieber. On the balladry “Freedom” she drops clues that she’s not at all oblivious to the chatter. “Did I really body bitches with commercial songs?” she boasts. It’s liberation Nicki seeks, not approval. Read more…