Trey Songz Surprises A Fan At Home And She Wants To Know: ‘How Big Is It?’

If your favorite singer surprised you at home with a camera crew in tow would your apartment be tidy? Would you have on a full face of makeup, including faux eyelashes? Wanda was read, but in complete shock when  Trey Songz  knocked on her door. And all the questions she’d previously told Arlington’s K104 DJ she’d ask if she ever got the chance were delayed due to tears and speechlessness.

A K104 listener thought she was being gifted with free tickets to Trey’s concert, a limo ride and a $1,000 Macy’s shopping spree. Her joy was uncontrollable when Trey showed up minutes after the radio station’s camera crew. The tears flowed. And the words never left her tongue. Trey wiped her tears, hugging her while her head rest in his chest. It really is the cutest thing you’ll see all day. “Let me grab my Hennessy,” she said before heading to the couch with her favorite artist. Read more…