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Musicians You Don’t Need to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter is the best free marketing tool in existence because of its user-friendly interface and versatility. It’s easy to build a brand based on simple or strategic tweets so why don’t some of the biggest stars in music use Twitter all the time?
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50 Cent Serves Up Whole New Plate of Beef


Round 72, part IV of Kanye vs. 50: In an interview with San Diego morning radio show AJ’s Playhouse, 50 told everyone what he really thinks of Kanye — he sucks. 50 also claimed his rival’s label would be padding sales by purchasing 200,000 copies of Kanye’s Graduation, and stating, “he sounds like a robot, he has a robot record.? Given Ye’s penchant for all things Daft Punk, he might not find this to be that insulting. We’re so confused — didn’t the two not-at-all-publicity-hungry rappers quash their beef when they appeared on stage with one another at Screamfest? There are also rumors abounding of a Rolling Stone cover of Kanye and 50, together. So what’s with all the bickering? Is this the greatest marketing coup ever, or the beggining of one of rap’s heaftiest beefs?

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