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Tuned In: Katy Perry Goes Medieval On The Kids Choice Awards

Katy Perry Goes Medieval At The Kids Choice Awards

Unless you have a couple of children running around your household, we’re betting there’s a very good chance that you missed the Kids Choice Awards that aired on Nickelodeon on Saturday night. We’ve got all of the coverage of who got slimed (hint: The Biebs!) over at our sister site TheFABLife, but we’re here to focus on the musicians that strutted their stuff for the kid set.

The show got off to a rip-roaring start with host Will Smith sliming everyone in the pit to the party rockin’ strains of LMFAO, and boy band sensation du jour One Direction made all the girls go CA-RAY-ZEE, but the performance of the night belonged to Katy Perry. She performed her most recent #1 hit, “Part Of Me”, but wisely refrained from turning in a performance that the likes of Naomi Wolf could label as military propaganda. Instead, Katy took an old school —a REALLY old school— approach by donning Dungeons & Dragons-style gear and directing the ire of the song towards a king who presumably did her wrong. Talk about a performer who’s maxed out her HP in the Constitution and Charisma fields!

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