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Move Over, William And Kate: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s Baby Is Also Due In July

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Baby Due in July

Lest a certain Duke and Duchess from across the pond monopolize all of our attention, members of the American Royal Family stopped by morning television to update us on their own reproductive developments. “I’m due in July,” Kim Kardashian announced on Today Tuesday morning, confirming the growing fetus inside of her as well as offering more theories as to when and where she and boyfriend Kanye West conceived (if speculating on bedroom behavior is your kinda thing). After recently taking a “babymoon” to stroll through Parisian shops and discuss their firsborn’s inevitable dopeness, Kanye’s baby mama stopped by Rockefeller Center to talk about everything from her own struggle with fertility issues to her boo’s lack of filter. “He just kinda does what he feels,” Kim explained, when asked about Yeezy’s impromptu announcement made onstage at Revel Resort in the wee hours of New Year’s Eve.”I think once you’re past like the three-month mark you’re pretty safe. So he just kinda goes off of what he feels and he was feeling it that night, I guess.”

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Did Kanye West Get Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Pregnant

“Can I have a bad bitch without no flaws / come to meet me without no drawers?” Kanye West rapped those lines about Kim Kardashian in his song “Theraflu” earlier this year, and it appears that BOTH of those wishes came true (particularly the part about “no drawers”). According to multiple reports on Twitter tonight, Mr. West referred to Kimmy K in a concert at the new Revel Casino in Atlantic City earlier tonight not as his “bad bitch,” but rather, as his “baby mama.” RING THE ALARM!

Rumors were flying around earlier this week that Kanye West had knocked Kim Kardashian up, so Kanye’s impromptu announcement in A.C. earlier tonight, paired with Kim’s sister Khloe’s apparent confirmation on Twitter (“Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!”), seem to confirm that the news is true. (UPDATE: Yeezy’s bro-in-law, Lamar Odom tweeted “I’m excited for Kanye and my sister! There’s nothing like bringing life into this world! Let’s keep Gods blessings coming!” tonight, and E! News confirmed the pregnancy, too.)

If the news is indeed true, we’d like to wish a hearty Mazel to the couple known as Kimye. Unless, of course, on the child’s 18th birthday Kanye finds out it isn’t his

More on this story as it develops…
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Kanye Tries To Hump Kim Kardashian In A Failed TV Pilot Called Alligator Boots

In attempt to have it see the (green)light of day on Comedy Central’s airwaves, Windy City hip hop stars Kanye West and Rhymefest put their wildly creative minds together to craft a pilot for a hip-hop puppet show. Yes, puppets. Created and co-executive produced with Crank Yankers’ Daniel Kellison and South Park writer Jon Kimmel, the adult show, titled Alligator Boots, intended to feature hilarious puppet characters, all of which were caringly stitched together to interact with celebrity guests acting as weekly hosts. In the newly released behind-the-scenes footage that was shot an indeterminate time ago, we hear from the director, puppetmakers and puppeteers, background designers, writers, and the masterminds themselves, and get a glimpse of a crass project that was canceled before we all got the chance to giggle our asses off.

“I get nervous about hitting Kanye West in the face over and over with a hard, plastic rattle,” said puppeteer Alice Dinnean when Rhymefest asked her and her colleagues what makes them shiver in their boots on set. Borrowing the audience component from Saturday Night Live, Alligator Boots set out with the lofty goal to feature puppet sketches, faux commericials, backstage “behind-the-scenes” puppet-interaction skits, and much, much more. In the clip above, written to poke fun at Kanye’s “diva” reputation, you see Storm Trooper ‘Ye get ditched by Princess Leia (Kim Kardashian) for a suave puppet named Beary White; just one of “about twenty-nine” puppet thespians. Our favorite part is probably when Rhymefest’s puppet alter-ego Pork Troy appears as a famous rapper character, spitting bars on a little ditty called “Baby In The Club,” and presents visuals for what seems like a music video where a 20-year-old woman brings her 1-year-old infant out to shake a tail feather in a very adult atmosphere. Crass, innapropriate jokes are abundant in the writing, and it’s clear that the set was a breeding ground for hip-hop comedy greatness. R.I.P., Alligator Boots!

Watch Part Of Kanye West’s Canceled Puppet Show “Alligator Boots” [PopDust]

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The Weekly Wrap Up: Bret Speaks, Foxy Beats, and Kim Kardashian Loves Her Ass


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Ray J Makes His Move on Lil Kim

kimrayj.jpgWould you date a dude who had made a kinky sex tape that was seen all over the internet? If your answer is yes, don’t be ashamed – Whitney Houston did, for a second, and now it appears that Lil Kim has fallen under Ray J’s scandal-making spell. He recently treated the pint size rap starlet to a $20,000 shopping spree (let’s hope no pasties were purchased), and just this weekend the pair walked the red carpet together at the Rodeo Drive Experience event in Beverly Hills. They were also photographed last month cuddling after celebrating the Queen Bee’s B-Day, and were caught again this weekend hitting the clubs with Ray J’s sis Brandy.

Sex Tape Star + Former Jailbird = Scandalous Love in Skimpy Outfits.
We like this coupling all ready! [Images: Getty]

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Pics: Jessica Simpson’s Bikini Bonanza


In what could easily go down as the creepiest pic of the week, Jessica Simpson (with her parents and hairdresser Ken Paves in tow) gives us her best O mouth while watching models debut her new swimwear line in Miami. The bathing suits, which Jess says she is "beyond excited" about, range in style "from all-American girl to bohemian." At the fashion show, Jess got so worked up she exclaimed, "I don’t even know what to do with myself!" Shutting that mouth would probably be a good start.

More pics of bikinis, Kim Kardashian and Papa Joe Simpson – under the cut!

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Wednesday: Jen’s Hush Hush Date; Olsens Duck and Drive

Kim Kardashian Hangs with Hot  Mom
Big surprise – Kim Kardashian is smoking hot, even in sweats. But check out these pics, because it turns out her mom is just as fine! Way to keep it in the family. [DListed]

Jen and New Man?s Secret Rendevous
A tabloid spy caught Jen and her British arm candy, Paul Sculfor, on a date at a bar, and was kicked out while trying to alert pals of her celeb spotting. As she was booted, the celebrity clientele applauded. Bravo? [NY Post]

Brunette Britney?s Botched Dye Job
After attempting to color her own hair at home, the starlet’s face ended up covered in black hair dye, causing her assistant to rush out to a salon for some dye-remover. Shouldn’t Brit have just gone there in the first place? [TMZ]

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Kim To Become Kardashi-cat

KardashicatIf you haven’t seen Kim Kardashian‘s vagina by now, you’re either blind or religious. Either way: fair enough. If you’re the rare creature that doesn’t fall into the above two categories, here’s a consolation: soon, you’ll get to see Kim’s Pussycat. The woman most famous for her sex tape is said to be in talks to join the Pusscat Dolls‘ Las Vegas review, which has a sort of revolving door policy for celebrity guests (Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Eva Longoria have all played in their litter box shared their stage). There are no details of Kim’s supposed PCD stint, but all signs point to it being a temporary gig.

As amusing as this news is, it’s also sort of counterproductive to Kim’s skank factor. Going from hardcore porn to burlesque (or whatever you want to call the PCD’s peen-teasing) is like going from Bergdorf Goodman to Fashion Bug. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! [TMZ]


Is Kim Freaky in the Bedroom?

070321_houston_kardashian Marques Houston has a new album out. Marques Houston has a song on the new album called “Kimberly.” Marques Houston has recently been seen jetsetting with sex tape “Superstar” Kimberly Kardashian. So is Marques Houston’s new song about Ray J‘s ex?

“The song was written pretty much for my girlfriend, but the thing behind ‘Kimberly’ is that every woman has (a) ‘Kimberly’ (side),” Houston told “It’s that freaky side, the woman that is so shy and softspoken, I’m pretty sure she has a ‘Kimberly’ side in the bedroom.”

Houston went on to discuss his relationship with Kardashian. “Kim is my girl, we’re doing a lot of business together. We are good friends.”

Yeah, and with friends like Kardashian, who needs marketing departments?

What do you think: is the song about KK?

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