King Of Limbs

by (@kat_george)

Radiohead’s Video For “Staircase” Is Intimate And Compelling

It’s no “Lotus Flower” — that is to say, Thom Yorke isn’t writhing around and pulling crazy shapes — but it’s an intimate and compelling video nonetheless. The clip for “Staircase” from Radiohead‘s The King Of Limbs sees the band performing in an enclosed setting, surrounded by a myriad array of instruments and technical equipment. And yes, Thom Yorke is moving in the way only Thom Yorke can move. “Staircase” is as close to a Radiohead renaissance as one could hope for, with Yorke’s chilling, heart palpitating vocals against a dynamic backdrop of broken beats, synthesisers and soaring orchestral compositions, and the video staying true to a music-centric credence, the visual taking nothing from the sound. Lighting appears to be the key here, with bright lights breaking through the dusty air to backlight the band and create an otherworldly presence that amplifies as Yorke’s falsetto croons towards the end.

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