Latinos In Paris

by (@kat_george)

The Second Best Kanye West Related Thing Of The Day: Pitbull Featuring Sensato, “Latinos In Paris”

If you weren’t a Pitbull fan before, then we promise you will be now. In the second best Kanye West related thing to happen today (hot on the heels of his much talked about Twitter rant), Pitbull (featuring Sensato) has released a remix of Ye and Jay-Z‘s Watch The Throne hit, “Ni**as in Paris,” entitled “Latinos In Paris.” Not only is it a great concept — riffing on one of 2011 biggest hits with tongue firmly in cheek — Pitbull has even released a video for his remix, putting him one step ahead of the still video-less Throne duo. The video, the first Pitbull has directed, is pretty funny too, featuring Pitbull and Sensato rapping in front of an illuminated Eiffel Tower and cutting to images of tacky tourist souvenir mini-tours. We’re now waiting for this “Different Races In Paris” meme to kick off; what will be next? Should we start penning our own version, “VH1 Staffers In Paris?”

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