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Rihanna’s Blowing Smoke In The Haters’ Faces With Sexy New Terry Richardson Photos

Puff, puff, pass. YOLO. No effs to give. Lately Rihanna‘s living out each of those mottoes to the fullest in everything she does including her Rolling Stone cover story. And now Lena Dunham will have one more reason to disapprove of bad girl Riri.

Terry Richardson released the photos via his website and they are as expected. Rih shows off her hot tattooed body while blowing smoke from a cigarette that she probably wishes was a joint. Lena better get to clicking the unfollow button on Instagram because Rihanna’s not here to make others comfortable. While critics and her peers stay mad on the sidelines scoffing about her lack of role model behavior, Riri is blowing smoke in the haters’ faces. Read more…

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Santigold Brings Her “Girls” Out For Lena Dunham’s Show As Music Moves To The Forefront in Season Two

After a brief vacation from think pieces and heated debates around the Internet, Girls is the topic of conversation once again, following its season premiere and big wins at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. To further celebrate–or cue your long winters nap, depending on your opinion of the show–comes the official soundtrack (Girls  Soundtrack, Volume 1) consisting of a diverse collection of contemporary acts (fun., Santigold) occasionally singing old tunes (Tegan and Sara cover the Stones!) that are close to the show’s heart. Lena Dunham‘s Robyn-assisted acceptance speech has already boosted the Swede’s sales numbers this week and music will play even more of a role as Season Two unfolds, particularly when Hannah tries cocaine for the first time to the sounds of Icona Pop. We love it! Er, not the white stuff, of course. Drugs are bad, kids.

The arrival of Santigold’s aptly-titled video from the soundtrack, set in the Girls‘ backyard gives us even more reason to talk about just how she and Dunham are portraying New York City, millennial culture and fellow loosely-tied down young women who also happen to be nursing ex-boyfriends back to health. Sorry, haters. But between the increasingly direct (and steamy) approach to both sex and its critics AND a Tuner-approved playlist, you might want to throw up a white flag and jump aboard. We’ve come so far from the sounds of Charlie and Ray’s underwhelming live shows in sweaty basements!

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Not Just For Tweens Anymore, Celebs Skip The Presidential Debate For Justin Bieber Concert

Justin Bieber‘s Believe tour has gotten off to a shaky start, Justin letting bad milk get the better of him onstage the first night — twice. But that didn’t stop a sold-out and star-studded audience from swarming  his show at L.A.’s Staples center last night, potential for vomit disregarded. Everyone from Katy Perry to Khloe Kardashian, Lena Dunham to Heidi Klum showed up, ditching the evening’s wine-and-presidential debate parties to brave a stadium’s worth of screaming tweens for the Biebs. And from what we can tell, they have no regrets. Justin Bieber concerts are no longer the province of the young, and everyone seemed to have a great time: Read more…