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10 Ways Lil’ Kim Crushed the ’90s


By Christopher Rosa 

If your first thought is Beyoncé when you hear Queen B, we’re not mad, but before Yoncé there was the original Queen Bee—Lil’ Kim. Reminisce with us about a time when the first lady of no f*cks to give took a hammer to hip-hop’s glass ceiling and crushed the ’90s.

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Lil Rappers Who Aren’t So Lil Anymore

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Remember when everyone’s rap name started with “lil’? There was Lil WayneLil KimLil Flip and even Lil Zane

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by (@kat_george)

Beef Alert! Lil’ Kim Calls Nicki Minaj A “Stupid Hoe”

The Black vs. Pink Friday feud rages on! Last we heard, Nicki Minaj released “Stupid Hoe” (or our PG version, “Stupid Stupid”) as a diss track aimed at Lil’ Kim, who released a whole diss EP, Black Friday, aimed at Nicki, last year. You follow? Now Lil’ Kim has lashed out at Nicki on the TV show Watch What Happens Live, kicking the bitter back and forth into overdrive. When asked what she thought of Nicki’s controversial Grammy’s performance, Kim cattily repied, “Who? It just slipped past me. I don’t know with that one.”

She went on to give comment on “Stupid Hoe,” saying, “I’m pretty sure I feel the same way everybody else feels about it now. If you have to make a song called ‘Stupid Hoe’, you must be a stupid hoe.” We’re not the arbiters of what makes a good diss, but isn’t turning someone’s insult against you back on them sort of… school yard? Either these two ladies are very silly for carrying on this ridiculous verbal war, or they’re very savvy — at least for Lil’ Kim, who is making a comeback into the music scene right now, a beef with the hottest female rapper in the world is stirring up a world of publicity. Although we think a duet would have done the trick just as nicely.

Lil’ Kim calls Nicki Minaj a ‘stupid hoe’ [NME]

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“Tragedy”: Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim Beef Escalates … But Why?

Kim vs. Nicki

This weekend Nicki Minaj released her verses from “Tragedy,” a track allegedly from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming Tha Carter IV, to New York’s Hot 97. Taken alone, her bars are a brutal Lil Kim dis track.

Why such vitriol? In short, she’s responding to Lil Kim’s retail mixtape Black Friday, itself heavily laden with digs at Ms. Young Money. The title track, which Kim leaked in November, called her a “deluded Kim wannabe,” among many other things.

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