Little Monsters

by (@kat_george)

Lady Gaga Is The First Person To Reach 20 Million Twitter Followers

Lady Gaga should be renamed Viral Monster in the wake of her record breaking Twitter following. Boasting an army for more than 20 million Little Monsters on the social networking site, Gaga is not only the first person to reach the massive number, but also the most followed person on Twitter in the world. That’s right — Lady Gaga has more followers than President Obama, who checks in with only 12.84 million followers. Gaga for president, anyone? Mother Monster has a comfortable lead in the Twitter stakes too, with the next most followed account being Justin Bieber at 18.11 million, then Katy Perry at 15.75 million, Shakira at 14.56 million and Rihanna at 14.49 million.

Impressive for Lady Gaga given that she only joined the social networking device on March 26th, 2008, which essentially makes her a viral marketing success, given her prevalence across the Internet. Gaga also boasts eight million Facebook fans and more than 800,000 Google+ “circles,” and it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere any time soon. Since the Telegraph reported Gaga’s 20 millionth follower this morning, we’ve checked her Twitter account and it looks like she’s picked up another 173,000 subscribers already! Gaga is a prolific Tweeter, which might have something to do with her dominance, not to mention she Tweets everything herself, and offers insights and exclusives to fans via the medium — whatever she’s doing, she’s doing it right, and online marketers might have a thing to learn from the avant-pop star.

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[Photo: Getty Images]